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placename:- Borrowdale Yews
locality:- Seathwaite
locality:- Borrowdale
parish Borrowdale parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
tree; yew
coordinates:- NY23641254
10Km square:- NY21

1Km square NY2312


Borrowdale Yews -- Seathwaite -- Borrowdale -- Borrowdale -- Cumbria / -- 24.4.2006

old map:- OS County Series (Cmd 70 13)

County Series maps of Great Britain, scales 6 and 25 inches to 1 mile, published by the Ordnance Survey, Southampton, Hampshire, from about 1863 to 1948.

placename:- Borrowdale Yews
date:- 1890=1899
period:- 19th century, late; 1890s

source:- Martineau 1855

Guide book, A Complete Guide to the English Lakes, by Harriet Martineau, published by John Garnett, Windermere, Westmorland, and by Whittaker and Co, London, 1855; published 1855-71.
Page 156:-
... amidst the copsewood, are the dark tops of the Borrowdale yews to be seen,- the "fraternal four," which, as Wordsworth tells us, form "one solemn and capacious grove." The size attained by the yew in this district is astonishing. One which for many years lay prostrate at the other end of Borrowdale, measured nine yards in circumference, and contained 1,460 feet of wood. The famous Lorton yew (p.87.) has about the same girth; and one of these four measures seven yards round, at four feet from the ground.
date:- 1855
period:- 19th century, late; 1850s

old print:- MacBride 1922

Wild Lakeland, by MacKenzie MacBride illustrated by Alfred Heaton Cooper, published by Adam and Charles Black, London, 1922-28.
thumbnail MB0119, button to large image
Print, colour, The Borrowdale Yews, by Alfred Heaton Cooper, published by Adam and Charles Black, 4-6 Soho Square, London, 2nd edn 1928.
Tipped in opposite p.128 in Wild Lakeland by MacKenzie MacBride.
printed at bottom:-
signed at lower left:-

placename:- Borrowdale Yews
date:- 1922
period:- 1920s

old print:-
thumbnail PR0488, button to large image
Print, uncoloured engraving, Yew Trees, Borrowdale, Cumberland, by ?B Foster, engraved by E Evans, 1850s-60s?
printed at bottom left, right, centre:-
date:- 1850=1869
period:- 19th century, late

Group of ancient yews, Taxus baccata, at Borrowdale. William Wordsworth described them in a poem, 1803:-
Poems of the Imagination
... / Worthier still of note / Are those fraternal four at Borrowdale / joined in one solemn and capacious grove: / Huge trunks and each particular trunk a growth / Of intertwisted fibres serpentine, ...
The trees were severely damaged by a gale, 1883.
Richardson, Keith: 2011: Jack's Yak: River Greta Writer (Keswick, Cumbria):: ISBN 978 0 9559640 2 2
Bradshaw, Amy: 1991 (after): Ancient Interesting and Unusual Trees of Cumbria: Cumbria Broadleaves (Bowness on Windermere, Cumbria):: ISBN 0 9524961 0 0

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