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placename:- Buttermere Dubs
parish Loweswater parish, once in Cumberland
parish Buttermere parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- NY167166
10Km square:- NY11
the short length of river between Buttermere and Crummock Water.

1Km square NY1616


Buttermere Dubs -- Loweswater and Buttermere -- Cumbria / -- At the footbridge, -- NY17271634 (at) -- 1.11.2011

Buttermere Dubs -- Loweswater and Buttermere -- Cumbria / -- At the footbridge, -- NY17271634 (at) -- 1.11.2011

old map:- Crosthwaite 1783-94 (But/Cru/Low)

Series of maps, An Accurate Map of the Matchless Lake of Derwent, of the Grand Lake of Windermere, of the Beautiful Lake of Ullswater, of Broadwater or Bassenthwaite Lake, of Coniston Lake, of Buttermere, Crummock and Loweswater Lakes, and Pocklington's Island, by Peter Crosthwaite, Kendal, Cumberland now Cumbria, 1783 to 1794.
thumbnail CT8NY11T, button to large image
date:- 1783=1794
period:- 18th century, late; 1780s; 1790s

old map:- Bowen and Kitchin 1760

New Map of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland, scale about 4 miles to 1 inch, Emanuel Bowen and Thomas Kitchin, published by T Bowles, John Bowles and Son, Robert Sayer, and John Tinney, 1760; published 1760-87.
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between Buttermere lake and Crummock Water
date:- 1760
period:- 18th century, late; 1760s

old map:- Jansson 1646

Map, Cumbria et Westmoria, or Cumberland and Westmorland, scale about 3.5 miles to 1 inch, by John Jansson, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1646; published 1646-1724.
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Single wiggly line.
county:- Cumberland
date:- 1646
period:- 17th century, early; 1640s

tiny photograph, 
button to large Buttermere Dubs -- Loweswater and Buttermere -- Cumbria / -- At Scale Bridge, -- NY16791659 (at) -- 17.8.2011

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