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placename:- Caldbeck parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY3136
10Km square:- NY24 , NY34
10Km square:- NY23 , NY33
parish code:- CLDB
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY3136

source:- Census 1971

population:- 635 -- 1971

1818 Level, Caldbeck
Alcock Fold, Caldbeck
Askewmire, Caldbeck
Authwaite House, Branthwaite
Bannest Hill, Caldbeck
barn, Caldbeck
barn, Caldbeck (2)
beacon, Carrock Fell
beacon, High Pike
Beck Grange, Caldbeck
Beech Cottages, Hesket Newmarket
Beeches, Hesket Newmarket
Berkeley Cottage, Hesket Newmarket
Berkeley House, Hesket Newmarket
bield, Caldbeck
Biggards, Caldbeck
Billy Yard, Caldbeck
Birk Gill
Birk Moss, Caldbeck
Black Arches, Carrock Fell
Blea Gill
Bonners Farm, Caldbeck
Bowten Beck
Bracken Heads, Caldbeck
Brae Fell, Caldbeck
Braefell Mine, Caldbeck
Branthwaite Beck
Branthwaite Farm, Caldbeck
Branthwaite, Caldbeck
Brewery House, Caldbeck
Bridge End House, Caldbeck
Bridge House, Caldbeck
bridge, Branthwaite
bridge, Burblethwaite
bridge, Caldbeck
bridge, Caldbeck (2)
bridge, Upton
Brownrigg, Caldbeck
Burblethwaite Beck
Burblethwaite, Caldbeck
Cald Beck
Caldbeck Bridges, Caldbeck
Caldbeck Commons, Caldbeck
Caldbeck Fells Barytes Mines, Caldbeck
Caldbeck Fells, Caldbeck
Caldbeck Parish Hall, Caldbeck
Caldbeck: Old Map Shop
Caldbeck: Strong and Sons
Caldbeck: Wright
Calebrack, Caldbeck
Canny House, Hesket Newmarket
Carrock Beck
Carrock Cottage, Caldbeck
Carrock End Mine, Caldbeck
Carrock Fell, Caldbeck
Carrock House, Caldbeck
Church Bridge, Caldbeck
Church View, Caldbeck
Clay Gap, Caldbeck
Coomb Height, Caldbeck
Cottage, Caldbeck
Curly Job Well, Caldbeck
Dale Beck
Deer Hills, Caldbeck
Denton House, Hesket Newmarket
Dickens House, Hesket Newmarket
drain, Hesket Newmarket
Driggith Mine, Caldbeck
Druids Grove, Caldbeck
Dry Gill Mine, Caldbeck
Drygill Beck
Drygill Mine, Caldbeck
Dumpy Stone, Caldbeck
Elm Lodge, Hesket Newmarket
Fairy Bridge, Howk
Fairy Kettle, Howk
Fairy Kirk, Howk
Faulds Brow, Caldbeck
Faulds, Caldbeck
Fell Side, Caldbeck
Fellside Brow, Caldbeck
Fellview Primary School, Caldbeck
fingerpost, Caldbeck Common
fingerpost, Hesket Newmarket
footbridge, Caldbeck
ford, Caldbeck
ford, Caldbeck (2)
ford, Mungrisdale
Friar Hall, Caldbeck
garage, Hesket Newmarket
gate, Caldbeck
gate, Hesket Newmarket
Gatehouse, Caldbeck
Gates Bridge, Caldbeck
Gill Beck (3)
Glen View, Upton
Great Lingy Hill, Caldbeck
Great Sca Fell, Ireby
Green Head, Caldbeck
Green, Hesket Newmarket
Greenhead, Caldbeck
Greenrigg Farm, Caldbeck
Greenrigg House, Caldbeck
Greenrigg, Caldbeck
Greenside, Hesket Newmarket
Gunner Well, Caldbeck
Haltcliff Hall, Caldbeck
Haltcliff House, Caldbeck
Haltcliff View, Caldbeck
Hare Stones Umber Mine, Caldbeck
Hare Stones, Caldbeck
Harkness Barn, Caldbeck
Hay Gill
Hay Gill Mines, Caldbeck
Hay Knott, Caldbeck
Height, Caldbeck
Heron Rigg, Caldbeck
Hesket Bridge, Hesket Newmarket
Hesket Hall, Hesket Newmarket
Hesket Newmarket Brewery, Hesket Newmarket
Hesket Newmarket Free Church, Hesket Newmarket
Hesket Newmarket, Caldbeck
High Brownrigg, Caldbeck
High Greenrigg House, Caldbeck
High House, Caldbeck
High House, Wood Hall
High Pike, Caldbeck
High Row, Caldbeck
High Trees, Hesket Newmarket
hillfort, Carrock Fell
Holborn, Caldbeck
hospital, Caldbeck
house, Caldbeck (4)
house, Caldbeck (5)
house, Hesket Newmarket
house, High Pike
Howbeck Bridge, Howbeck
Howbeck Farm, Howbeck
Howbeck House, Caldbeck
Howbeck School House, Howbeck
Howk Mill, Caldbeck
Howk waterfall, Caldbeck
Howk, Caldbeck
Howthwaite Stone, Caldbeck
Hudscales Cottage, Caldbeck
Hudscales, Caldbeck
Hutton Sceugh, Caldbeck
Intack, Caldbeck
Iron Crag, Caldbeck
John Peel Cottage, Caldbeck
John Peel Farm, Caldbeck
John Peel Inn, Caldbeck
Kings Arms House, Hesket Newmarket
Knott, Caldbeck
limekiln, Biggards
Linewath, Caldbeck
Little Wiley Gill Mine, Caldbeck
Longlea, Caldbeck
Low Brownrigg, Caldbeck
Low Mill, Caldbeck
Low Row, Caldbeck
Manor Cottage, Caldbeck
market cross, Hesket Newmarket
Martha's Cottage, Caldbeck
meeting house, Gillfoot
meeting house, Whelpo
Midtown Cottage, Caldbeck
Midtown Cottages, Caldbeck
Midtown Farm Cottages, Caldbeck
Midtown Farm, Caldbeck
Midtown House, Caldbeck
Mill House, Caldbeck
Millhouse Bridge, Castle Sowerby
Milton Hill, Caldbeck
Miton Hill, Caldbeck
Nether Row, Caldbeck
Norman Farm, Caldbeck
NY23: earthquake 19910809 1816
NY33: earthquake 19841019 0306
Oddfellows Arms, Caldbeck
Old Brewery, Caldbeck
Old Crown, Hesket Newmarket
Old Rectory, Caldbeck
Paddigill, Caldbeck
Parkend Beck
Parkend Bridge, Parkend
Parkend, Caldbeck
Pasture Lane Cottage, Caldbeck
Pasture Lane, Caldbeck
pinfold, Caldbeck
post box, Hesket Newmarket
Potts Gill Fold, Potts Gill
Potts Gill, Caldbeck
Priests Mill, Caldbeck
Quaker Hill, Caldbeck
Ratten Row, Caldbeck
Red Gill Mines, Caldbeck
Redgill Mining Works, Caldbeck
ring of bells, Caldbeck
road, Hesket Newmarket to Aspatria
road, Hesket Newmarket to Carlisle
road, Keswick to Carlisle
road, Penrith to Hesket Newmarket
Rose Cottage, Hesket Newmarket
Rough Close, Caldbeck
Roughtongill Mines, Caldbeck
Round Knott, Caldbeck
Rowena Cottage, Hesket Newmarket
Sandbeck Mine, Caldbeck
School House, Caldbeck
school, Hesket Newmarket
school, Howbeck
school, Lonning Head
Seat, Caldbeck
seat, High Pike
sheepfold, Caldbeck
sheepfold, Caldbeck Fells
sheepfold, Caldbeck (2)
sheepfold, Caldbeck (3)
sheepfold, Uldale Fells
sheepfold, Uldale Fells (2)
Silver Gill
Smithy Cottage, Hesket Newmarket
Snab, Caldbeck
St Kentigern's Well, Caldbeck
St Mungo, Caldbeck
stone wall, Caldbeck
stone wall, Caldbeck (2)
stone wall, Caldbeck (3)
stone wall, Caldbeck (4)
Stotgill, Caldbeck
Street Head, Caldbeck
Sun House, Hesket Newmarket
sundial, Caldbeck
sundial, Hesket Newmarket
Temperance Hall, Hesket Newmarket
Thief Gills
Thorney Stone, Caldbeck
Throstle Hall, Caldbeck
Todcrofts, Caldbeck
topograph, High Pike
Townend, Caldbeck
Townhead, Caldbeck
track, Penrith to Cockermouth
trig point, NY2961632986
trig point, NY3187435008
trig point, NY3416833642
Upper Dale Beck
Upton, Caldbeck
war memorial, Caldbeck
West Fell, Caldbeck
Whelpo Beck
Whelpo Bridge, Whelpo
Whelpo Head, Caldbeck
Whelpo House, Caldbeck
Whelpo, Caldbeck
White Well, Caldbeck
Wiley Gill
Willy Knott, Caldbeck
Willywood Well, Caldbeck
Wood Hall, Caldbeck
Wood House, Caldbeck
Woodhouse, Caldbeck
Yard Steel, Caldbeck

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