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place:- Campbell memorial, Coniston
site name:- Coniston Water
locality:- Coniston
parish Coniston parish, once in Lancashire
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- SD30809701
10Km square:- SD39

1Km square SD3097


Campbell memorial, Coniston -- Coniston Water -- Coniston -- Coniston -- Cumbria / -- 28.4.2006

hearsay From 1939 the world water speed record was held by Sir Malcolm Campbell, 141.74 mph, August 1939. In the face of further attempts, mostly by Americans, his son, Sir Donald Campbell decided to keep the record for Britain.
He first trialled his father's boat, Bluebird; propellor driver; 2500 hp Rolls Royce areo engine; hydroplane. It became obvious that a new design was needed.
The new Bluebird was jet powered, and its first success was a record of 202.32 mph on Ullswater, 1955. Later in 1955 he reached 216.2 mph on Lake Mead, Nevada, United States. By 1959 he had raised the record to 260.35 mph, then 276.3 mph on Lake Dumbleyung, Autralia, 1964. Several attempts to reach 300 mph were made on Coniston Water 1966-67: then, 4 January 1967, having reached 300 mph he turned for a second run in which the boat somersaulted and was wrecked, perhaps because the water was still unsetteled from the first run. His body was never found.

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