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placename:- Claife parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Lancashire
coordinates:- SD3797
10Km square:- NY30
10Km square:- SD39
parish code:- CLFE
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD3797

source:- Census 1971

population:- 432 -- 1971

Arthur Wood, Claife
Ash Landing, Claife
Balla Wray, Claife
Bass How, Claife
Beckside Cottages, Claife
Beckside, Colthouse
bee boles, Near Sawrey
Belle Grange, Claife
Belle Green Farm, Near Sawrey
Belt Ash Coppice, Claife
Beyond Fields, Claife
Bishop Woods, Claife
Black Beck (4)
Blelham Beck
Blelham Tarn, Hawkshead
boat house, Claife
boat house, Claife (2)
boat house, Claife (3)
boat house, Claife (4)
boat house, Claife (5)
boat house, Claife (6)
boat house, Claife (7)
boat house, Claife (8)
boat house, Claife (9)
boat house, Claife (10)
boat house, Claife (11)
boat house, Claife (12)
boat house, Claife (13)
boat house, Claife (14)
boat house, Claife (15)
boat house, Claife (16)
boat house, Claife (17)
boundary stone, Claife
boundary stone, Claife/Hawkshead
bridge, Claife
Bryers Fold, Claife
Buckle Yeat, Near Sawrey
Castle Cottage, Near Sawrey
Claife Heights, Claife
Claife Poor House, Claife
Coatlap Point, Claife
Colthouse Heights, Claife
Colthouse, Claife
Cook's Braw Boghouse, Claife
Cragg, Claife
Crier of Claife, Claife
Cuckoo Brow Inn, Far Sawrey
Cuckoo Brow Wood, Claife
Cunsey Beck
Cunsey Bridge, Satterthwaite
Cunsey, Satterthwaite
Dower House, Low Wray
Dub How Farm, Claife
Eel House Bridge, Satterthwaite
Ees Bridge, Hawkshead
Epley Point, Claife
Far Sawrey, Claife
Fellborough, Claife
fence, Claife
fence, Claife (2)
fence, Claife (3)
Ferry House, Claife
fingerpost, Near Sawrey
floating island, Priest Pot
Fold Cottage, Near Sawrey
Fold Farm, Far Sawrey
Forkings of the Beck, Claife
gate, Claife
Gillbank, Claife
Glen Side, Far Sawrey
Great Boat, Claife
Green End Cottage, Claife
Green End House, Claife
Harrow Slack, Claife
Hawkrigg Farm, Claife
Heald Wood, Claife
Heald, Claife
High Cunsey, Claife
High Greengate, Near Sawrey
High Loanthwaite, Claife
High Wray Farm, Claife
High Wray House, Claife
High Wray Village Hall, High Wray
High Wray, Claife
Hill Top, Near Sawrey
Hole House, Claife
house, Near Sawrey
house, Near Sawrey (2)
Jemmy Crag, Claife
Lake Bank, Claife
Lakefield, Near Sawrey
Latterbarrow, Claife
Linden Cottage, Claife
Loanthwaite, Claife
Long Height, Claife
Low Loanthwaite, Claife
Low Wray Bay, Claife
Low Wray Farm, Claife
Low Wray, Claife
meeting house, Colthouse
Moss Eccles Tarn, Claife
Nab, Claife
Near Sawrey, Claife
NY30: earthquake 19890210 1506
Out Dubs Tarn, Claife
Pepper Yeat Fold, Near Sawrey
Pinestones Point, Claife
Pool Bridge, Hawkshead
Priest Pot, Claife
Red Nab, Claife
road, Ambleside to Hawkshead
road, Clappersgate to Windermere Ferry
road, east side of Windermere
road, Kendal to Hawkshead
Rose Cottage, Far Sawrey
Round Table, Claife
Sand Beds, Claife
Sandy Nab, Claife
school, Far Sawrey
Scotch Gate, Claife
Slape Scar, Claife
Smooth Beck Bridge, Claife
South View, Far Sawrey
Spout House, Near Sawrey
St Margaret, Low Wray
St Peter, Far Sawrey
Station Cottage, Claife
Station, Claife
station, Harrow Farm
station, Rawlinson Nab
stone wall, Low Wray
sundial, Colthouse
sundial, Low Wray
sundial, Near Sawrey
Tenter Hill, Hawkshead
Three Dubs Crags, Claife
Three Dubs Tarn, Claife
Tock How Farm, Claife
Tower Bank Arms, Near Sawrey
Tower Bank House, Claife
Town End Cottage, Claife
Town End Cottages, Near Sawrey
Town End Dairy Farm, Claife
Town End, Far Sawrey
Water Side Woods, Claife
water trough, Claife
water trough, Far Sawrey
Waterloo Gardens, Claife
White House, Claife
Wilfin Beck
Windermere Ferry, Windermere
Wise Een Tarn, Claife
Wood Close Point, Claife
Wray Castle Boat House, Claife
Wray Castle, Claife
Wray Crag, Claife
Wraymires Tarn, Claife

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