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placename:- Cockermouth parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY1230
10Km square:- NY12 , NY13
parish code:- CCKR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY1230

source:- Census 1971

population:- 6363 -- 1971

All Saints Rooms, Cockermouth
All Saints, Cockermouth
Anfield, Cockermouth
Apple Tree Inn, Cockermouth
Betty Waif's Stone, Cockermouth
Bitter End, Cockermouth
Black Bull, Cockermouth
bollard, Cockermouth
bollard, Cockermouth (2)
Bourke memorial, Cockermouth
brewery, Cockermouth
Bridge End House, Cockermouth
Brown Cow, Cockermouth
Bush, Cockermouth
Castle Brewery, Cockermouth
Castlegate House, Cockermouth
Christchurch, Cockermouth
Cock and Bull, Cockermouth
Cocker Bridge, Cockermouth
Cockermouth Castle, Cockermouth
Cockermouth Cemetery, Cockermouth
Cockermouth Fire Station, Cockermouth
Cockermouth Moor, Cockermouth
Cockermouth Motor Museum, Cockermouth
Cockermouth Police Station, Cockermouth
Cockermouth Station, Cockermouth
Cockermouth Station, Cockermouth (2)
Cockermouth: Allison
Cockermouth: Banks
Cockermouth: Bitter Beck Pottery
Cockermouth: Castlegate, 1 and 3
Cockermouth: Castlegate, 2 and 4
Cockermouth: Castlegate, 5 and 7
Cockermouth: Castlegate, 6
Cockermouth: Castlegate, 8
Cockermouth: Castlegate, 9
Cockermouth: Castlegate, 10
Cockermouth: Castlegate, 11 and 13
Cockermouth: CG's Curiosity Shop
Cockermouth: Cockermouth Antiques
Cockermouth: Crown Street, 2
Cockermouth: Elliot and Black
Cockermouth: Fern Bank
Cockermouth: Gote Road, 23 to 27
Cockermouth: Heals
Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway
Cockermouth: Kirkgate
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 13
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 17 to 25
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 27 to 31
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 33 and 35
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 36 and 38
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 37 and 39
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 41 and 43
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 45 and 47
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 46 to 50
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 47 to 51
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 53 and 55
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 68 and 70
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 72 and 74
Cockermouth: Kirkgate, 78 to 86
Cockermouth: Main Street, 4
Cockermouth: Main Street, 12 and 14
Cockermouth: Main Street, 16 to 22
Cockermouth: Main Street, 24 to 28
Cockermouth: Main Street, 29 to 35
Cockermouth: Main Street, 45 and 47
Cockermouth: Main Street, 49 and 51
Cockermouth: Main Street, 52 to 56
Cockermouth: Main Street, 65 to 69
Cockermouth: Main Street, 72 to 82
Cockermouth: Main Street, 85
Cockermouth: Market Place
Cockermouth: Market Place, 3 to 7
Cockermouth: Market Place, 4 and 6
Cockermouth: Market Place, 9
Cockermouth: Market Place, 30
Cockermouth: Market Place, 33 and 35
Cockermouth: Market Place, 40 to 46
Cockermouth: National Westminster Bank
Cockermouth: South Street, 24 to 28
Cockermouth: St Helens Street
Cockermouth: St Helens Street, 5
Cockermouth: St Helens Street, 9
Cockermouth: St Helens Street, 10 and 12
Cockermouth: St Helens Street, 26 to 34
Congregational Church, Cockermouth
Congregational Sunday School, Cockermouth
Cornthwaite, Cockermouth
County Fire Office, Cockermouth
Croft, Cockermouth
Cumberland Toy and Model Museum, Cockermouth
Derwent Bridge, Cockermouth
Derwent Mills, Cockermouth
Double Mills, Cockermouth
earthwork, Cockermouth
Fletcher Christian, Cockermouth
Globe Hotel, Cockermouth
Goat Dub
Goat Well, Cockermouth
Goat, Cockermouth
Goatmill House, Cockermouth
Greenbanks, Cockermouth
Grey Goat Inn, Cockermouth
Hames Hall, Cockermouth
house, Cockermouth
Hunters, Cockermouth
Kent Cottage, Cockermouth
Kingfisher, Cockermouth
Kings Church, Cockermouth
Kirkby House, Cockermouth
Kirkgate Brick and Tile Works, Cockermouth
Kirkgate Corner, Cockermouth
Kirkgate House, Cockermouth
Kirkgate Turnpike, Cockermouth
Lakes Hotel, Cockermouth
Mayo Statue, Cockermouth
meeting house, Cockermouth
milestone, Cockermouth
milestone, Cockermouth (3)
mill, Cockermouth
mill, Cockermouth (2)
mill, Cockermouth (3)
Moot Hall, Cockermouth
Norham House, Cockermouth
Old Courthouse, Cockermouth
Park House, Cockermouth
park, Cockermouth
Percy House, Cockermouth
Printing House Museum, Cockermouth
ring of bells, Cockermouth
road, Borrowdale and Buttermere
road, Cockermouth to Carlisle
road, Cockermouth to Maryport
road, Cockermouth to Whitehaven
road, Cockermouth to Workington
road, Egremont to Cockermouth
road, Kendal to Cockermouth
road, Keswick to Cockermouth
Rubbybanks Mill, Cockermouth
school, Cockermouth
school, Cockermouth (2)
Ship Inn, Cockermouth
Slate Fell, Cockermouth
South Lodge, Cockermouth
St Helens Tannery, Cockermouth
St Helen's Bridge, Cockermouth
St Helen's Tannery, Cockermouth
St Helen's Toll Gate, Cockermouth
St Leonard's Hospice, Cockermouth
Strawberry How, Cockermouth
Sun Inn, Cockermouth
sundial, Cockermouth
sundial, Cockermouth (2)
Swan Inn, Cockermouth
Tithe Barn, Cockermouth
Town Hall, Cockermouth
track, Penrith to Cockermouth
trig point, NY1236530639
Tute Hill, Cockermouth
Victorian Hall, Cockermouth
windmill, Cockermouth
Wordsworth Hotel, Cockermouth
Wordsworth House, Cockermouth
workhouse, Cockermouth
Wyndham House, Cockermouth

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2008

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