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placename:- Colton parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Lancashire
coordinates:- SD3388
10Km square:- SD29 , SD39
10Km square:- SD28 , SD38
parish code:- CLTN
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD3388

source:- Census 1971

population:- 928 -- 1971

Abbot Park, Colton
Allan Tarn, Colton
Arklid Farm, Colton
Arklid Intake, Colton
Arnsbarrow Tarn, Colton
Ash Slack, Colton
Ashes Beck
Bandrake Head, Colton
Beckside Farm, Colton
Bell Beck Bridge, Colton
Bethecar Moor, Colton
Birk Knott, Colton
Birk Row Bridge, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Black Beck Hornbeams, Colton
Black Beck Plantation, Colton
Black Beck (7)
Blackbeck Gunpowder Mills, Colton
boat house, Colton
boat house, Colton (2)
boat house, Colton (3)
boat house, Colton (4)
boat house, Colton (5)
boat house, Colton (6)
boat house, Colton (7)
boat house, High Nibthwaite
Boretree Tarn, Colton
Bouth Fall Stile, Colton
Bouth, Colton
Bouthrey Bridge, Colton
bridge, High Nibthwaite
bridge, Thwaite Head
Bridgefield, Colton
Brows, Colton
Burn Knott, Colton
Cabin, Colton
Caws Beck
chapel, Tottlebank
Cobby House, Colton
Colton Beck
Colton Beck Bridge, Colton
Colton Church Hall, Colton
Coniston Water
Crake, River
Crooks Bridge, Colton
Crooks, Colton
Crossland House, Colton
Crosslands, Colton
Dodgson Wood, Colton
Ealinghearth, Colton
Fern Ville, Colton
Finsthwaite and Lakeside Village Hall, Finsthwaite
Finsthwaite Heights, Colton
Finsthwaite House, Colton
Finsthwaite Summer House Tower, Colton
Finsthwaite, Colton
Furness Fells
Grass Paddocks, Colton
Great Ellerside, Colton
Great Green Hows, Colton
Great Hagg, Colton
Great Hill, Colton
Great Lindeth, Colton
Green Bank, Colton
Green Hows Tarn, Colton
hedge, Colton
Hellpot Bridge, Colton
High Bethecar, Colton
High Dam, Colton
High Hay Bridge, Colton
High Ickenthwaite, Colton
High Longmire, Colton
High Nibthwaite, Colton
High Parkamoor, Colton
High Peel Near, Colton
High Stott Park, Colton
High Wood, Colton
Hill Park Farm, Colton
Hill Top, Colton
Holy Trinity, Colton
house, Colton
house, Oxen Park
Hulleter, Colton
Jolliver Tree Cottage, Colton
Jolliver Tree Farm, Colton
Kirkthwaite Cottage, Colton
Lady Syke Bridge, Haverthwaite
Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway
Lakeside branch railway
Lakeside Hotel, Lakeside
Lakeside, Colton
Landing How, Colton
Lane Head, Colton
Legbarrow Point, Colton
Light Hall, Rusland
Lin Bridge, Colton
Little Mill Bridge, Colton
Low Bethecar, Colton
Low Hay Bridge, Colton
Low Longmire, Colton
Low Nibthwaite, Colton
Low Parkamoor, Colton
Low Peel Near, Colton
Low Stott Park, Colton
Lowick Bridge bridge, Lowick
Manor House, Oxen Park
milestone, Colton
milestone, Colton (2)
milestone, Colton (3)
milestone, Colton (4)
milestone, Colton (5)
milestone, Colton (6)
milestone, Colton (7)
milestone, Colton (8)
Montague Wyke, Coniston Water
New Pool Bridge, Colton
Newby Bridge Station, Colton
Nibthwaite Grange, Colton
Nibthwaite ironworks, Colton
Nibthwaite Mill, Colton
Nibthwaite Quay, Colton
Nibthwaite, Colton
Old Cottage, Colton
Old Hall Farm, Colton
Old Smithy, Colton
Oxen Park, Colton
Park Wood, Colton
Park, Colton
Parkamoor, Colton
Parks Wood, Colton
Peel Island, Coniston Water
Pool Bridge, Bouth
Pool Foot, Colton
post box, Oxen Park
post box, Oxen Park (2)
post box, Rusland
potash kiln, Colton
powder magazine, Colton
powder magazine, High Nibthwaite
Quakers Wood, Colton
railway bridge, Colton
railway bridge, Colton (2)
railway bridge, Colton (3)
Ridding Side Farm, Colton
Rigg Wood, Colton
Riggs, Colton
road, Coniston Water
road, Hawkshead to Newby Bridge
road, Kendal to Ulverston
road, Newby Bridge to Ulverston
Roam Bridge, Colton
Roger Ridding Farm, Colton
Rookhow, Colton
Rose Cottage, Colton
Rusland Cross, Colton
Rusland Hall, Rusland
Rusland Pool
Rusland Pool Bridge, Colton
Rusland Tannery, Rusland Cross
Rusland, Colton
Ruslands Heights, Colton
Sales Bank Wood, Colton
Satterthwaite Bridge, Satterthwaite
Sayles Farm, Colton
school, Finsthwaite
school, Rusland
SD39: earthquake 19910419 0304
Selside, Colton
Shive of Cheese, Colton
Side House, Colton
Skinner Pastures, Colton
smithy, Colton
Spark Bridge bridge, Egton with Newland
Spire, Colton
St Cuthbert's Well, Colton
St Paul, Rusland
St Peter, Finsthwaite
standing stone, Colton
station, Peel Ness
station, Water Park
Stock Park, Colton
Stock Wood, Colton
Stock, Colton
Stott Park Ash, Colton
Stott Park Bobbin Mill, Colton
summer house, High Stott Park
Summer Sides Wood, Colton
sundial, Colton
sundial, Crooks
Syke, Colton
Three Foot Oak, Colton
Thwaite Head Bridge, Thwaite Head
Thwaite Head, Colton
Thwaite Moss House, Colton
Thwaite Moss, Colton
Thwaitehead Fell, Colton
Tom Crag, Colton
Top o' Selside, Colton
Tottlebank, Colton
Town End, Colton
trig point, SD3003786430
trig point, SD3080391861
trig point, SD3541787051
Underfield, Colton
Waste Bridge, Colton
Water Park, Colton
Water Side House, Colton
Wedder Gleam, Satterthwaite
White Hart, Bouth
Whitestock Hall, Colton
Windermere Lakeside Station, Colton
Yew Barrow, Colton
Yew Beck Bridge, Colton
YMCA National Centre, Colton

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2008

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