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place:- crash site, Coniston
site name:- Great Carrs
parish Coniston parish, once in Lancashire
county:- Cumbria
crash site; hill
coordinates:- NY270006
coordinates:- NY275014
10Km square:- NY20

1Km square NY2700


crash site, Coniston -- Great Carrs -- Coniston -- Cumbria / -- Merlin engine displayed outside the Ruskin Museum, Coniston. -- 16.9.2005

hearsay A Merlin engine was brought down to Coniston from the wreckage of a Halifax Mk 5 No.LL505 bomber that crashed high on Great Carrs, Coniston, 22 October 1944. Flying eastward it tore off its undercarriage on the crest of the mountain, 150 yards south of the cairn, and spread its wreckage below where the beck down Broad Slack meets that between Little and Great Carrs.

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