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placename:- Cumwhitton parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY5150
10Km square:- NY45 , NY55
10Km square:- NY44 , NY54
parish code:- CMWH
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY5150

source:- Census 1971

population:- 277 -- 1971

Beech House, Cumwhitton
Brocklewath, Cumwhitton
Cairn Beck
Cairn Bridge, Cairnbridge
Cairnbridge, Cumwhitton
Carlatton Mill Bridge, Carlatton
Castle Hill, Cumwhitton
Chapel Well, Cumwhitton
Craneydub, Cumwhitton
Edenbanks, Cumwhitton
Far Hornsbygate, Cumwhitton
Fellend, Cumwhitton
Fishgarth Wood, Cumwhitton
Foulpool, Cumwhitton
Gateshaw Mill, Cumwhitton
Gateshawhill, Cumwhitton
Grey Yauds, Cumwhitton
Hallfield, Cumwhitton
Hazelgill, Cumwhitton
High Northsceugh, Cumwhitton
Holmwrangle, Cumwhitton
Hornsby, Cumwhitton
Hornsbygate, Cumwhitton
King Harry Farm, Cumwhitton
King Harry, Cumwhitton
King Harry's Plantation, Cumwhitton
Knott, Cumwhitton
Lawson Hill, Cumwhitton
Low Holme, Cumwhitton
Low Lowood, Cumwhitton
Low Northsceugh, Cumwhitton
Moorthwaite Moss, Cumwhitton
Moorthwaite, Cumwhitton
Morleyhill, Cumwhitton
Nunfield, Cumwhitton
Piperstile, Cumwhitton
quarry, Cumwhitton
Randlawfoot, Cumwhitton
Scarrowhill, Cumwhitton
school, Hornsby
St Mary, Cumwhitton
sundial, Cumwhitton
Thwaites, Cumwhitton
Tornbank, Cumwhitton
Townfoot, Cumwhitton
trig point, NY5381348561
Vicarage, Cumwhitton
well, Cumwhitton
Whiteheadhill, Cumwhitton
Woodgill House, Cumwhitton

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