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placename:- Dalston parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY3647
10Km square:- NY35
10Km square:- NY34 , NY44
parish code:- DLST
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY3647

source:- Census 1971

population:- 2553 -- 1971

All Saints, Raughton Head
barn, Dalston
Barras Tree, Hawksdale
Bassen Beck
Bassenbeck Bridge, Dalston
Beech House, Dalston
Bird's Hill, Dalston
Birkshill, Dalston
Bishop Lough, Dalston
Bishop's Dike
Bishop's Dyke, Dalston
Blue Bell, Dalston
boundary stone, Dalston
Brackenhow, Dalston
Brecon Hill, Dalston
Breconhill, Dalston
Bridge End Inn, Dalston
Bridge End Inn, Hawksdale
Bridge End, Dalston
bridge, Dalston
bridge, Stockdalewath
Broomfield, Dalston
Brownelson, Dalston
Buckabank, Dalston
Caldew Bank, Dalston
Caldew House, Dalston
Caldew, River
Cardew Hall, Dalston
Cardew House, Dalston
Cardew Lodge, Dalston
Cardew Mires, Dalston
Cardew, Dalston
Cardewlees, Dalston
Chalk Hall, Dalston
Chalk Lodge, Dalston
Chalk Quarries, Dalston
Chapel House, Dalston
Chapel Lane, Dalston
chapel, Dalston
Chilterns, Dalston
Church Farm, Dalston
Church House, Dalston
Church View, Dalston
Corisca Cottage, Dalston
Coronation Seat, Dalston
Crown Inn, Dalston
Cumdivock, Dalston
Cunning Garth, Dalston
Dalston Hall, Dalston
Dalston Old School, Dalston
Dalston Station, Dalston
Dalston stone circle, Dalston
Dalston: Square, The, 3
Dalston: Square, The, 19
Dalston: Square, The, 25 to 26
Dalston: Square, The, 27
Dalston: Swan Salon
Dobcross Hall, Dalston
Dobinson's Well, Dalston
Dover House, Dalston
drain, Dalston
East Barras, Dalston
Fieldhead, Dalston
fingerpost, Stockdalewath
Flanders, Dalston
Flat Bank, Dalston
Forge Green, Dalston
Fountain Head, Dalston
Foxley Henning, Dalston
Gaitsgill Hall, Dalston
Gaitsgill, Dalston
Gill Beck
Gill Bridge, Dalston
Gill, Dalston
Grange, Dalston
Green Head, Dalston
Green Lane Cottage, Green Lane
Green Lane house, Green Lane
Green Lane, Dalston
Greensyke, Dalston
Guide Post House, Hawksdale
Hall Hill Farm, Dalston
Hawkesdale Low House, Dalston
Hawksdale Bridge, Hawksdale
Hawksdale Hall, Dalston
Hawksdale Pasture, Dalston
Hawksdale, Dalston
Haythwaite Lane, Dalston
Haythwaite, Dalston
High Bridge bridge, Dalston
Hill Top, Dalston
Hollinbush, Dalston
Holm Hill, Dalston
Holm House, Dalston
Holme Hill, Dalston
Holmmill Farm, Dalston
house, Dalston
house, Dalston (2)
house, Dalston (3)
Hudbeck, Dalston
Lambfield Tile Works, Dalston
Lambfield, Dalston
Landsceugh, Dalston
Lingyclose Head, Dalston
Longrigg Cottage, Dalston
Low Brewery, Dalston
Lowmill, Dalston
market cross, Dalston
Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Middle Farm, Dalston
milestone, Dalston
Moordyke, Dalston
Moss End, Dalston
Nether Welton, Dalston
Newby Cross, Cummersdale
Nook House, Dalston
Nook, Dalston
Nooklane Foot, Dalston
NY35: earthquake 20100907 0028
NY44: earthquake 19920929 0132
Oaks, Hawksdale
Old Kings Arms, Dalston
Old Vicarage, Dalston
Park House, Dalston
Park Spring, Dalston
Penbeck Bridge, Gaitsgill
pillbox, Cardewlees
pinfold, Dalston
Pinquay's, Dalston
police station, Dalston
Poplar House, Dalston
Pow Bank, Dalston
Pow Beck
Powbeck Bridge, Unthank
Powbeck Quarry, Dalston
Primrose Cottage, Dalston
Primrose Hall, Gaitsgill
railway bridge, Dalston
Raughtenhead Hill, Dalston
Raughton Farm, Dalston
Raughton Head House, Dalston
Raughton Head, Dalston
Raughton, Dalston
Raughtonhead Hill, Dalston
Red Spears, Dalston
Redgill House, Dalston
road, Carlisle to Wigton
road, Cockermouth to Carlisle
road, Hesket Newmarket to Carlisle
road, Keswick to Carlisle
Roe, River
Roewath, Dalston
roman site, Dalston
Rose Bank, Dalston
Rose Bridge, Dalston
Rose Castle, Dalston
Royal Oak, Dalston
school, Chalkfoot
school, Dalston
school, Raughton Head
Skiprigg, Dalston
Sowerby Wood, Dalston
Sprunston Bridge, Sprunston
St John, Cumdivock
St Jude, Gaitsgill
St Michael, Dalston
St Michael's CofE Primary School, Dalston
Stockdalewath Bridge, Dalston
Stockdalewath Methodist Chapel, Stockdalewath
Stockdalewath, Dalston
Stonethwaite, Dalston
sundial, Dalston
Sunny Vale, Dalston
Sunnycroft, Dalston
Thackwood, Dalston
Thethwaite, Dalston
Thrangholm Bridge, Dalston
Thwaite Nook, Dalston
Tom Smith's Leap, Dalston
Townhead, Dalston
trig point, NY3841352338
trig point, NY3961447453
Unthank, Dalston
Warren Plantation, Dalston
well, Dalston
Willows, Dalston
Wythmoor House, Dalston

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