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placename:- Dean parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY0725
10Km square:- NY02 , NY12
parish code:- DEAN
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY0725

source:- Census 1971

population:- 788 -- 1971

Bank Farm, Eaglesfield
barn, Dean
barn, Dean (2)
bee boles, Eaglesfield
Beehive Inn, Deanscales
Bent Houses, Dean
Black Beck (12)
Blackbeck Bridge, Dean
Bouch Quarry, Dean
boundary stone, Dean/Lamplugh
Branthwaite Edge Quarry, Dean
Branthwaite Edge, Dean
Branthwaite Hall, Dean
Branthwaite Outgang, Dean
Branthwaite Rigg, Dean
Branthwaite Row Farm, Dean
Branthwaite Station, Dean
Branthwaite, Dean
bridge, Branthwaite (2)
bridge, Ullock
Brow Top, Dean
Browtop, Dean
Calva Hall, Dean
Corneyflat Beck
Corneyflat Bridge, Dean
Crakeplace Hall, Dean
Croft Foot Farm, Eaglesfield
Croft House, Dean
Dalton House, Eaglesfield
Dean Cross, Dean
Dean Mains, Dean
Dean Moor, Dean
Deanscales, Dean
Dubbs Gutter
Dubbs Moss, Dean
Dubbs, Dean
Eaglesfield Crag, Dean
Eaglesfield, Dean
East House, Dean
Far Branthwaite Edge, Dean
footbridge, Dean
Foulknott Hill, Dean
Galefield, Dean
Gatebarrow, Dean
Glenmore, Dean
High Croft, Dean
High House, Dean
Highfield House, Dean
Hill Crest, Dean
Hillcrest, Dean
Hollins Wood, Dean
Hollins, Dean
Home Farm, Deanscales
house, Dean
house, Dean (2)
hydrant plate, Dean
Jacob's Well, Pardshaw
Kidburngill Bridge, Dean
Lakeland Sheep and Wool Centre, Dean
Leegate, Dean
Lucy Close, Dean
Manor House, Dean
Marron, River
meeting house, Eaglesfield
meeting house, Pardshaw
Moorland Close, Dean
Old Posting House, Dean
Orchard House, Dean
Orchard House, Eaglesfield
packhorse bridge, Calva Hall
packhorse bridge, Ullock
Paddle School, Dean
Pardshaw Bridge, Dean
Pardshaw Crag, Pardshaw
Pardshaw Hall, Pardshaw
Pardshaw, Dean
pillbox, Dean
pinfold, Deanscales
railway bridge, Branthwaite
railway bridge, Dean
railway bridge, Ullock
railway bridge, Wright Green
Raise, Dean
Rectory, Dean
Rigg House, Dean
road, Egremont to Cockermouth
Roche House, Dean
Rose Cottage, Pardshaw
Rose Farm, Dean
Royal Yew, Dean
school, Dean
school, Dean (2)
school, Mockerkin
sheep feeder, Dean
sheepfold, Dean
Singing Well, Dean
Smithy Bridge, Ullock
Snary Beck
Springfield Farm, Eaglesfield
St Oswald, Dean
station, Wright Green
Studfold Gate stone circle, Dean
summer house, Dean
sundial, Dean
Tendley Hill, Dean
Tendley Limekilns, Dean
Toot Well, Pardshaw
trig point, NY0541326192
trig point, NY0687323410
trig point, NY0977427132
Ullock Junction, Dean
Ullock Mains, Dean
Ullock Station, Dean
Ullock Village Hall, Ullock
Ullock, Dean
Wadsworth Farm, Dean
Waterloo, Dean
well, Eaglesfield
West House, Eaglesfield
Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway
Whitekeld, Dean
Wild Duck, Branthwaite
Woodside, Dean
Wright Green, Dean

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2008

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