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placename:- Dent parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Yorkshire
coordinates:- SD7285
10Km square:- SD69
10Km square:- SD68 , SD78
parish code:- DENT
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD7285

source:- Census 1971

population:- 590 -- 1971

Acre Farm, Dent
Alick's Fold, Dent
Allen Haw, Dent
aqueduct, Dent
Artengill Beck
Artengill Viaduct, Dent
Aye Gill Pike, Dent
Aye Gill Wold, Dent
Ayland Bridge, Dent
Back Gill
Back Gill Head, Dent
Backstone Gill Bridge, Dent
Backstone Gill Cottage, Dent
Backstonegill, Dent
Bank House, Dent
Bank Side, Dent
Banks Brows, Dent
Banks, Dent
Barkin, Dent
barn, Deepdale
barn, Dent
barn, Dent (2)
barn, Dent (3)
Barras House, Dent
Barth Bridge, Dent
Barth, Dent
Basil Busk, Dent
Beald Fold, Dent
Beech Hill Cottage, Dent
Bess Intake House, Dent
bield, Dent
Biggerside Farm, Dent
Binks, Dent
Birchen Tree, Dent
Blackmire, Dent
Blake Beck Force, Dent
Blake Rigg, Dent
Blands, Dent
Blea Beck, Dent
Blea Gill Quarry, Dent
Blea Gills
Blea Moor Moss, Dent
Bleagill Fold, Dent
Bleamoor Tunnel, Dent
Blue Bonnet Well, Dent
Borran Fold, Dent
Bouldershaw Well, Dent
boundary stone, Barbon/Dent
boundary stone, Dent
boundary stone, Dent (2)
boundary stone, Dent (3)
boundary stone, Dent (4)
boundary stone, Dent (5)
boundary stone, Dent (6)
boundary stone, Dent/Ingleton
boundary stone, Dent/Ingleton (2)
boundary stone, Dent/Sedbergh
Brackensgill, Dent
Bradley's Leap, Dent
Brant Side, Dent
Bridge End Cottage, Dent
bridge, Dent Head
Broad Mea Head, Dent
Broad Mea Well, Dent
Broadfield, Dent
Broadmire, Dent
Broken Gill Well, Dent
Brookside, Dent
Brow's Limekiln, Dent
Burton Hill, Dent
Burtons, Dent
Cable Rake, Dent
Cage Farm, Dent
Calf Top, Middleton
Carlow Hill, Dent
Church Bridge, Dent
Clint, Dent
Combe Gill (2)
Combe House, Dent
Congregational Manse, Dent
Corn Close, Dent
Coventree, Dent
Cow Dub Bridge, Dent
Cow Dub Farm, Dent
Cowgill Beck
Cowgill Bridge, Dent
Cowgill Head Bridge, Dent
Cowgill Head Coal Pits, Dent
Cowgill Wold Meas, Dent
Cowgill, Dent
Crag Hill, Casterton
Crag of Blea Moor, Dent
Crag Side, Dent
Craggs Hill, Dent
Cross Coal Pits, Dent
Cross House, Dent
Cross Pits Colliery, Dent
Cross upon Crossets, Dent
culvert, Dent
Dairy Cottage, Dent
Dancing Flags, Dent
Dawson's Rock, Dent
Dee Cottage, Dent
Dee Side Farm, Dent
Dee Side House Youth Hostel, Dent
Dee, River
Deepdale Beck (2)
Deepdale Head, Dent
Deepdale, Dent
Dent Fell, Dent
Dent Foot Methodist Chapel, Dent
Dent Grammar School, Dent
Dent Head Farm, Dent
Dent Head Signal Box, Dent
Dent Head Viaduct, Dent
Dent Marble Mill, Dent
Dent Station, Dent
Dent Village Heritage Centre, Dent
Dent: Queens Square, 2
Dent: Stone Close Cafe
Dentdale Methodist Church, Dent
Dentdale, Dent
Dick's Fold, Dent
Dillicar, Dent
Docklesyke Farm, Dent
Dockra Bridge, Dent
Doctor's Spring, Dent
Dodderham Fold, Dent
Dodderham Moss, Dent
Donald's Fold, Dent
Dry Gill (2)
East Banks Farm, Dent
East Clint, Dent
East Stone House, Dent
Edmonsons, Dent
Elam Monument, Dent
Ellers, Dent
Ewegales Bridge, Dent
Fairy Hole Cave, Dent
Far End Cottage, Dent
Fell End Gill
Fell Garth, Dent
fingerpost, Cowgill (2)
Fish Sike Spring, Dent
Flats Barn, Dent
Fletchers Farm, Dent
Flinter Gill
Flinter Gill High Scout, Dent
Flinter Gill Low Scouts, Dent
Foal Barn, Dent
Fold Gill Spring, Dent
ford, Dent
Foul Moss, Dent
Foul Syke Barn, Dent
Foulsyke Farm, Dent
Gale Garth, Dent
Gap, Dent
Gastack Beck
Gastack Beck Bottom, Dent
Gate house, Dent
Gate Manor, Dent
gate, Dent
Gawthrop Cave, Dent
Gawthrop Hall, Dent
Gawthrop Villa, Dent
Gawthrop, Dent
George and Dragon, Dent
Geslings, Dent
Gibbs Hall Farm, Dent
Gibbs Hall, Dent
Gill Head, Dent
Gowlands Cross, Dent
Great Blake Beck
Great Coum, Dent
Great Knoutberry Hill, Dent
Great Wold, Dent
Green Edges, Dent
Green Hill, Dent
Green Hill, Dent (2)
Greenbank's Limekiln, Dent
Greenwell, Dent
Greenwood Haw, Dent
Guilmire Stones, Dent
Guilmire, Dent
Hacker Gill
Hackergill Farm, Dent
Hacra, Dent
Hall Bank Cottage, Dent
Hall Bank, Dent
Handley Quarry, Dent
Hanging Stones, Barbon
Harber Gill Farm, Dent
Harbourgill, Dent
Hare Stone Quarry, Dent
Harker Gill Fold, Dent
Haycote Bridge, Gawthrop
Hazel Bottom Gill
Hazle Gill Combe, Dent
hedge, Dent
hedge, Helmside
Hell's Cauldron Waterfall, Dent
Helms Knott, Dent
Helmside, Dent
Hewthwaite, Dent
High Barth Barn, Dent
High Barth, Dent
High Chapel, Dent
High Force, Dent
High Foul Syke, Dent
High Hall, Dent
High House, Dent
High Laning Farm, Dent
High Lathe Gill Fold, Dent
High Lathe Gill Quarry, Dent
High Nun House, Dent
High Pike Quarry, Dent
High Pike, Dent
Hill Top, Dent
Hill, Dent
Hinning Hall, Dent
Hobstones, Dent
Hodgsons Cottage, Dent
Hole House, Dent
Holly Bush, Dent
How Gill Moss, Dent
Howgill Bridge, Dent
Howgill House, Dent
Huds House, Dent
hydrant plate, Dent
Ivy Cottage, Dent
Karl's Folds, Dent
Kelly Bridge, Dent
Kirk Bank Quarry, Dent
Kirk Bank, Dent
Kitty Barn, Dent
Lea Yeat Bridge, Lea Yeat
Lea Yeat, Dent
Lenacre, Dent
Lenny's Leap, Dent
Lileholme Barn, Dent
limekiln, Dent
limekiln, Dent (2)
limekiln, Dent (3)
limekiln, Dentdale
limekiln, Dentdale (2)
limekiln, Dentdale (3)
Little Town, Dent
Loftshaw Brow, Dent
Long Gill (3)
Long Moor, Dent
Long Rigg, Dent
Lords Well, Dent
Lords Well, Dent (2)
Low Barn, Dent
Low Chapel Farm, Dent
Low Force, Dent
Low Ground, Dent
Low Hall, Dent
Low Haycote, Dent
Low Langshaw Moss, Dent
Low Nun House, Dent
Lucy Elam Monument, Dent
Lunds Farm, Dent
Marl Well, Dent
Mary's Well, Dent
Matthews, Dent
meeting house, Leyeat
Megger Stones, Dent
Methodist Manse, Dent
Middleton Cottage, Dent
milestone, Cowgill
milestone, Dent
milestone, Dent (2)
milestone, Dent (3)
milestone, Dent (4)
milestone, Dentdale
milestone, Dentdale (2)
milestone, Dentdale (3)
milestone, Dentdale (4)
milestone, Dentdale (5)
milestone, Dentdale (6)
milestone, Rash
Mill Beck, Dent
Mill Bridge, Dent
Mill Dam House, Dent
Mire Garth, Dent
Mire House, Dent
Monkeybeck Grains
Monkeybeck Quarry, Dent
Moser Hill, Dent
Mossy Bottom Gill
Mossy Bottom, Dent
Nettle Pot, Dent
North Lord's Land, Dent
Old Cobblers Shop, Dent
Old Parsonage, Dent
Old Post Office, Dent
Old School, Dent
Outrake Foot, Dent
packhorse bridge, Dent Head
Peat Gate, Dent
Peggleside, Dent
Peggleswright, Dent
Pickering, Dent
Pikes Edge, Dent
pinfold, Deepdale
pinfold, Dent
pinfold, Gastack
Platt, Dent
Post Office, Dent
Pry Hill Sheepfold, Dent
Race Fold, Dent
railway bridge, Dent
railway bridge, Dent (2)
railway bridge, Dent (3)
railway bridge, Dent (4)
rain gauge, Dent
Rash Bridge, Dent
Rash House, Dent
Rash Mill Cottage, Dent
Rash Mill, Dent
Rash, Dent
Rawridding, Dent
Rhumes Barn, Dent
Rigg End, Dent
ring of bells, Dent
Rise Hill Tunnel, Dent
Rise Hill, Garsdale
Rivling, Dent
Roantree, Dent
Robin Hurrock Pike, Dent
Rotten Butts Wood Barn, Dent
Rottenbutts Wood, Dent
Rough Gill Brows, Dent
Sappy Moss, Dent
Scale Gill Foot Moss, Dent
Scales, Dent
Scar View, Dent
school, Cowgill
Scotchergill Bridge, Dent
Scotchergill, Dent
Scouts, Dent
Scow Force, Dent
Scow, Dent
Scow, Dent (2)
SD68: earthquake 19910427 0231
SD78: earthquake 15900000
SD78: earthquake 18860915
SD78: earthquake 19710828 1613
SD78: earthquake 19760816 1425
Sedgwick Cottage, Dent
Sedgwick Memorial, Dent
Settle and Carlisle Railway
Shaking Moss, Dent
sheep feeder, Dent
sheep pens, Dentdale
sheepfold, Dent
sheepfold, Dent (2)
sheepfold, Dent (3)
sheepfold, Dent (4)
Shivery Fold, Dent
Short Gill
Shortgill Bridge, Barbon
Siege Ghyll, Dent
Silverdale Cottage, Dent
Slack Farm, Dent
Slack Well, Dent
Slack, Dent
South Lord's Land, Dent
Spice Gill
Spice Gill Farm, Dent
Sportsmans, Dent
St Andrew, Dent
St John, Cowgill
Station Signal Box, Dent
Stone House Bridge, Dent
Stone House, Dent
stone wall, Barbondale
stone wall, Barbondale (2)
stone wall, Dent
stone wall, Dent (2)
stone wall, Dent (3)
stone wall, Dent (4)
Stonehouse, Dent
Stones of the Mea, Dent
Stoops Moss, Dent
Sun Inn, Dent
Sundial Cottage, Dent
sundial, Burton Hill
sundial, Dent
sundial, Gate
Swere Gill
Syke Fold, Dent
telephone box, Dent
telephone box, Lea Yet
Thorn Wold, Dent
Thorough Mea Springs, Dent
Thorough Mea, Dent
Three Roods, Dent
Throstle Hall, Dent
Tofts, Dent
Tommy Bridge, Dent
Towns Fell, Dent
Town's Stones, Dent
trig point, SD6644685634
trig point, SD6921283318
trig point, SD7206788612
trig point, SD7384981414
trig point, SD7886087157
Tub Hole, Dent
Underwood, Dent
water gate, Stone House
waterfall, Gastack Beck
waterfall, Gastack Beck (2)
Weather Ling Hill, Dent
well, Stone House
West Clint Farm, Dent
West Cowgill Farm, Dent
West House Farm, Dent
West Stonehouse, Dent
West View and Cobble Cottage, Dent
Whernside Manor, Dent
Whernside Millennium Viewpoint, Dent
Whernside Tarns, Dent
Whernside, Dent
White Hart House, Dent
White Shaw Moss, Dent
Whiteshaw Well, Dent
Widdale Great Tarn, Dent
Widdale Little Tarn, Dent
Wideron Limekiln, Dent
Wideron Quarry, Dent
William a Trays, Dent
Will's Gill Bridge, Dent
Wishing Tree, Dent
Wold End Moss, Dent
Wold End Quarry, Dent
Wold Fell Bents, Dent
Wold Fell, Dent
Womans Land, Dent
Wood Head Lathe, Dent
Woods, Dent
Wool Shop, Dent
Zion Chapel, Dent

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2008

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