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placename:- Hawkshead parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Lancashire
coordinates:- SD3497
10Km square:- SD39
10Km square:- SD38
parish code:- HWKS
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD3497

source:- Census 1971

population:- 684 -- 1971

Ann Tyson's Cottage, Hawkshead
Ann Tyson's House, Hawkshead
Arnside Intake, Hawkshead
Attwood Farm, Hawkshead
barn, Esthwaite Hall
Barngates Brewery, Hawkshead
Beatrix Potter Gallery, Hawkshead
Belmount Hotel, Hawkshead
Belmount, Hawkshead
Ben Fold, Hawkshead
Bend or Bump, Hawkshead
Birkwray, Hawkshead
Black Beck Lodge, Hawkshead
Black Beck (4)
Blelham Beck
Blelham Tarn, Hawkshead
Borwick Lodge, Hawkshead
boundary stone, Claife/Hawkshead
Brown Cow Cottages, Hawkshead
Brown Cow Inn, Hawkshead
Chapel Cottage, Hawkshead
chapel, Hawkshead
Church Hill House, Hawkshead
Corner Shop, Hawkshead
Dan Becks, Hawkshead
Devil's Gallop, Hawkshead
Drunken Duck, Hawkshead
Easthwaite Inn, Hawkshead
Ees Bridge, Hawkshead
Esthwaite Hall Bridge, Hawkshead
Esthwaite Hall, Hawkshead
Esthwaite Lodge, Hawkshead
Esthwaite Water
fence, Hawkshead
Fern Cottage, Hawkshead
Field Head Farm, Hawkshead
Field Head House, Hawkshead
Fitzwilliam Gallery, Hawkshead
Fold Gate, Hawkshead
footbridge, Hawkshead
Gallowbarrow Bridge, Hawkshead
Gallowbarrow, Hawkshead
garden, Hawkshead
Gibbet Tree, Hawkshead
Gilmarver House, Hawkshead
Grandy Nook Tearooms, Hawkshead
Great Coppice, Hawkshead
Grove, Hawkshead
Hag Quarry, Hawkshead
Hall Bridge, Hawkshead
Hannakin, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Cooperative Store, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Courthouse, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Esthwaite County Primary School, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Fields House, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Grammar School, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Hall Park, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Hall, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Hill, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Moor, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Old Hall, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Saw Mill, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Town Hall, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Trout Fishery, Hawkshead
Hawkshead: Coffee Time
Hawkshead: Flag Street
Hawkshead: Flag Street, 1
Hawkshead: Fountain Street
Hawkshead: Grandy Nook
Hawkshead: Main Street
Hawkshead: Minstrels' Gallery
Hawkshead: Peter Rabbit and Friends
Hawkshead: Square
Hawkshead: Summitreks
Hawkshead: Vicarage Lane
Hawkshead: Wordsworth Street
Heelis Place, Hawkshead
Helm Lea, Hawkshead
High Crag, Hawkshead
High Cross, Coniston
Highfield House, Hawkshead
Highwood Quarry, Hawkshead
Honeypot, Hawkshead
house, Colthouse
house, Hawkshead (2)
Howe Farm, Hawkshead
Iron Keld, Hawkshead
Ivy Guest House, Hawkshead
Jasmine Cottage, Hawkshead
Jessamine Cottage, Hawkshead
Jessamine Cottage, Hawkshead (2)
Keen Ground, Hawkshead
Kilner Coppice, Hawkshead
King's Arms, Hawkshead
Knipe Fold, Hawkshead
Laburnum House, Hawkshead
Lantern Cottage, Hawkshead
limekiln, Hawkshead
limekiln, Roger Ground
limekiln, Sunny Brow
Limestone Beck
Limestone Hill, Hawkshead
Little Force Cottage, Hawkshead
Methodist Church, Hawkshead
monastic grange, Hawkshead
New House, Hawkshead
office, Hawkshead
Old Cottage, Hawkshead
Old Hall Brewery, Hawkshead
Old Post Office, Hawkshead
Old School House, Hawkshead
Out Dubs Tarn, Claife
Outgate Inn, Outgate
Outgate, Hawkshead
Pillar Cottage, Hawkshead
pinfold, Outgate
police station, Hawkshead
Pool Bridge, Hawkshead
poorhouse, Hawkshead
post box, Colthouse
post box, Hawkshead
post box, Hawkshead (3)
post box, Hawkshead (4)
pump, Outgate
quarry, Hawkshead
quarry, Sunny Brow
Queens Head, Hawkshead
Randy Pike, Hawkshead
Red Lion, Hawkshead
ring of bells, Hawkshead
road, Ambleside to Coniston
road, Ambleside to Hawkshead
road, Clappersgate to Windermere Ferry
road, Coniston to Hawkshead
road, Hawkshead to Newby Bridge
road, Hawkshead to Whitehaven
road, Kendal to Hawkshead
road, Lowick to Hawkshead
road, Lowick to Hawshead
Rock Cottage, Hawkshead
Roger Ground House, Hawkshead
Roger Ground, Hawkshead
Roost, Hawkshead
Rose Castle, Hawkshead
Sand Ground, Hawkshead
Sawrey Ground, Hawkshead
school, Hawkshead
SD39: earthquake 18860105 0840
St Michael, Hawkshead
stone wall, Hawkshead
Sun Inn, Hawkshead
sundial, Hawkshead
sundial, Hawkshead (2)
Sunny Brow, Hawkshead
Tarn Hows Hotel, Hawkshead
Tarn Hows, Coniston
Tarns, Tarn Hows
Tarragon, Hawkshead
telephone box, Hawkshead
telephone box, Outgate
Thimble Hall, Hawkshead
Walker Ground Cottage, Hawkshead
war memorial, Hawkshead
Water Side, Hawkshead
Wayside Cottage, Hawkshead
Wee Cottage, Hawkshead
Wharton Tarn, Hawkshead
Wild Goose, Hawkshead
Wordsworth House, Hawkshead

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