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placename:- Kirkoswald parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY5943
10Km square:- NY54, NY64
10Km square:- NY53
parish code:- KRKS
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY5943

source:- Census 1971

population:- 659 -- 1971

All Saints, Renwick
Bank Wood, Kirkoswald
barn, Busk
Black Bull, Kirkoswald
Black Fell, Alston Moor
Blunderfield, Kirkoswald
boundary stone, Glassonby
boundary stone, Kirkoswald
boundary stone, Kirkoswald (2)
boundary stone, Kirkoswald/Lazonby
bridge, Kirkoswald
Briggle Beck
Broadshaw Spring, Kirkoswald
building, Kirkoswald
Burned Edge Mine, Kirkoswald
Busk Limekiln, Kirkoswald
Busk Rigg, Kirkoswald
Busk, Kirkoswald
Caber, Kirkoswald
Caberslack, Kirkoswald
Cannerheugh, Kirkoswald
Castle House, Renwick
Chapel House, Kirkoswald
chapel, Kirkoswald (3)
chapel, Kirkoswald (4)
church, Kirkoswald
Cocklock Limekilns, Kirkoswald
College, Kirkoswald
Cornmill, Kirkoswald
Crindledyke, Kirkoswald
Croglin Bridge, Croglin
Croglin High Hall, Kirkoswald
Croglin Low Hall, Kirkoswald
Croglin Water
Crossfield, Kirkoswald
Crown Inn, Kirkoswald
Daffenside Beacon, Kirkoswald
Dale Bridge, Ainstable
Daleraven Bridge, Glassonby
Davygill, Kirkoswald
Demesne Farm, Kirkoswald
drain, Kirkoswald
Dyrah, Kirkoswald
Eden Bank, Kirkoswald
Eden Bridge, Lazonby
Fellgate, Kirkoswald
Fetherston Arms, Kirkoswald
Fieldgarth, Kirkoswald
fingerpost, Kirkoswald
fingerpost, Renwick
Fog Close, Kirkoswald
gate, Kirkoswald
George House, Kirkoswald
Gibson's Well, Renwick
Glassonby Beck
Goulding's Fold, Glassonby
Green Rigg, Kirkoswald
Grey Stone, Kirkoswald
Haresceugh Castle, Kirkoswald
Haresceugh Fell, Kirkoswald
Haresceugh, Kirkoswald
Hartside Height, Glassonby
High Bankhill, Kirkoswald
High College, Kirkoswald
High Fog Close, Kirkoswald
Hill House, Kirkoswald
Hollybank House, Renwick
Holy Well, Kirkoswald
Holywell Gill
Holywell Wood, Kirkoswald
house, Kirkoswald
house, Kirkoswald (2)
house, Kirkoswald (3)
house, Kirkoswald (4)
house, Staffield
How Moor, Kirkoswald
Howscales, Kirkoswald
Huddlesceugh Hall, Kirkoswald
hydrant plate, Croglin
Kings Head House, Kirkoswald
Kirkoswald Castle, Kirkoswald
Kirkoswald CofE School, Kirkoswald
Kirkoswald: Midland Bank
Kirkoswald: Square, 1, 3 and 4
Lawson Cottage, Renwick
Lilac House, Renwick
limekiln, Kirkoswald
Lincowell, Kirkoswald
Little Daffenside, Kirkoswald
Long Moor, Kirkoswald
Long Tongue, Kirkoswald
Loo Gill
Low Huddlesceugh, Kirkoswald
Low Mill, Kirkoswald
Low Scales, Kirkoswald
Lowfield, Kirkoswald
Lowhall Building, Kirkoswald
Mains, Kirkoswald
Manor House, Kirkoswald
Middle Moor, Kirkoswald
Mill House, Kirkoswald
moat, Kirkoswald
Mooredge, Kirkoswald
Morgan Wells, Kirkoswald
Nether Haresceugh, Kirkoswald
Old Parks, Kirkoswald
Ona Ash, Kirkoswald
Outhwaite, Kirkoswald
Park Head, Kirkoswald
Park View, Kirkoswald
Peel Dod, Kirkoswald
pinfold, Kirkoswald
pinfold, Renwick
pinfold, Staffield
Post Office, Kirkoswald
Raven Beck
Raven Bridge Farm, Kirkoswald
Raven Bridge, Kirkoswald
Raygarthfield, Kirkoswald
Renwick Fell, Kirkoswald
Renwick Methodist Church, Renwick
Renwick, Kirkoswald
ring of bells, Kirkoswald
road, Carlisle to Kirkoswald
road, Kirkoswald to Alston
road, Kirkoswald to Brampton
road, Penrith to Alston
road, Plumpton to Kirkoswald
Scale Houses, Kirkoswald
Scale Rigg, Kirkoswald
Scales Fold, Kirkoswald
Scales Hall, Kirkoswald
Scales Moor, Kirkoswald
Scales, Kirkoswald
Scalesrigg, Kirkoswald
Scarrowmanwick Fell, Kirkoswald
Scarrowmanwick, Kirkoswald
school, Renwick
school, Renwick (2)
Selah Bridge, Kirkoswald
Selah, Kirkoswald
shed, Kirkoswald
Sickergill Bridge, Sickergill
Sickergill, Kirkoswald
Skelling Moor, Kirkoswald
Sparrows, Kirkoswald
Springfield, Kirkoswald
St Oswald, Kirkoswald
St Oswald's Well, Kirkoswald
Staffield Hall, Kirkoswald
Staffield, Kirkoswald
stocks, Kirkoswald
sundial, Kirkoswald
sundial, Renwick
Sycamore, Kirkoswald
telephone box, Kirkoswald
Thack Moor, Kirkoswald
Todbank, Kirkoswald
trig point, NY5783843463
trig point, NY6115146279
trig point, NY6481944408
village hall, Kirkoswald
war memorial, Kirkoswald
war memorial, Renwick
Watch Hill, Kirkoswald
weather station, Haresceugh
Wellmoorsike, Kirkoswald
Wesleyan Chapel, Newbiggin
Westgarth Hill, Kirkoswald
Whin Fell, Kirkoswald
Whity Knots, Kirkoswald
Wordsley House, Kirkoswald

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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