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placename:- Lamplugh parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY0819
10Km square:- NY02, NY12
10Km square:- NY01, NY11
parish code:- LMPL
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY0819

source:- Census 1971

population:- 572 -- 1971

Bankend, Lamplugh
Banley Gill
Beck, Lamplugh
Bird Dyke, Lamplugh
Black Beck (12)
Blackbeck Bridge, Dean
Blake Fell, Lamplugh
boundary stone, Dean/Lamplugh
bridge, Arlecdon and Frizington
Burtree Spring, Lamplugh
Cockam, Lamplugh
Cockleygill, Lamplugh
coffin rest, Lamplugh
Cogra Moss, Lamplugh
Colliergate Beck
Comb Gill
Corkwell Springs, Lamplugh
Croasdale Beck
Croasdale Iron Mine, Lamplugh
Crossgates Bridge, Lamplugh
Crossgates, Lamplugh
Dockray Nook, Lamplugh
Ehen, River
Eskett Quarries, Lamplugh
Eskett, Lamplugh
Felldyke, Lamplugh
fingerpost, Kelton Fell
Gatra, Lamplugh
Gavelfell Fold, Lamplugh
Ghyll Farm, Lamplugh
Hall, Lamplugh
Harris Side, Lamplugh
Havercroft Farm, Lamplugh
Hawes, Lamplugh
High Trees East, Lamplugh
High Trees West, Lamplugh
Hodyoad, Lamplugh
Holedale, Lamplugh
Hollins, Lamplugh
Hollins, Lamplugh (2)
Kelton and Knockmurton Mines, Lamplugh
Kelton Fell sidings, Lamplugh
Kelton Fell, Lamplugh
Kelton Head, Lamplugh
Keltonfell Top, Lamplugh
Kirkland Goods Sidings, Lamplugh
Kirkland Mission Church, Lamplugh
Kirkland, Lamplugh
Knock Murton, Lamplugh
Lamplugh Cross
Lamplugh Fell, Lamplugh
Lamplugh Hall, Lamplugh
Lamplugh stone circle, Lamplugh
Lamplugh Tip Inn, Lamplugh
Lanefoot Bridge, Lamplugh
Lanefoot, Lamplugh
Lavrock Hall, Lamplugh
Leaps Beck
Leys, Lamplugh
lineside hut, Lamplugh
Lingcroft, Lamplugh
Low Leys, Lamplugh
Low Millgillhead, Lamplugh
Lund, Lamplugh
Meregill Beck
Middle Fell, Lamplugh
Millgillhead, Lamplugh
Murton Fell, Lamplugh
Murton, Lamplugh
NY02: earthquake 20040621 1522
Owsen Fell, Lamplugh
Pardshaw Bridge, Dean
Partree Spring, Lamplugh
pinfold, Lamplugh
railway bridge, Kirkland
railway bridge, Lamplugh
railway bridge, Lamplugh (2)
railway bridge, Lamplugh (3)
railway bridge, Rowrah
Red Beck (2)
road, Egremont to Cockermouth
Rowrah and Kelton Fell Railway
Rowrah Hall, Lamplugh
Rowrah Station, Lamplugh
Saddler's Knott, Lamplugh
Salter Hall, Lamplugh
Salter Mine, Lamplugh
Salterhall Quarry, Lamplugh
Scalesmoor, Lamplugh
Scallow Beck
Scallow, Lamplugh
School Bridge, Lamplugh
school, Lamplugh
Sharp Knott, Lamplugh
sheep feeder, Lamplugh
Smaithwaite Farm, Lamplugh
Smithy Beck (2)
Smithy Bridge, Ullock
Snary Beck
South Mosses, Lamplugh
St Michael, Lamplugh
station, Stockhow
Stegcroft Bridge, Lamplugh
Stockhow Hall, Lamplugh
Stoneywath, Lamplugh
Stowbank, Lamplugh
Teathes, Lamplugh
Todhole Beck
Todhole, Lamplugh
trig point, NY0574417444
trig point, NY1104919684
war memorial, Lamplugh
Whinnah Cottages, Lamplugh
Whinnah, Lamplugh
Winder Brow, Lamplugh
Winder, Lamplugh
Windergill Beck
Wisenholme Beck
Wood Beck
Woodend Bridge, Lamplugh
Woodend, Lamplugh

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