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placename:- Langdale
other name:- Langden
site name:- Langdale Beck
parish Orton S parish, once in Westmorland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- NY650024
10Km square:- NY60

1Km square NY6502


Langdale -- Langdale Beck -- Orton S -- Cumbria / -- 16.8.2010

Langdale -- Langdale Beck -- Orton S -- Cumbria / -- 16.8.2010

road book:- Cary 1798 (2nd edn 1802)

Road book, Cary's New Itinerary, by John Cary, published by G and J Cary, 86 St James's Street, London, 1798-1828.
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page 315-316

placename:- Langdale
date:- 1802
period:- 19th century, early; 1800s

old map:- Seller 1694 (Wmd)

Map, Westmorland, now Cumbria, scale about 8 miles to 1 inch, by John Seller, 1694; editions to 1787.
thumbnail SEL7, button to large image
circle, italic lowercase text; settlement or house

placename:- Langdale
county:- Westmorland
date:- 1694
period:- 17th century, late; 1690s

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675

Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

placename:- Langdale
date:- 1675
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670

in Westmoreland / The Hundred of Bottome of Westmoreland
Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

placename:- Longdaill
date:- 1670
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

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button to large Langdale -- Langdale Beck -- Orton S -- Cumbria / -- 16.8.2010
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button to large Langdale -- Langdale Beck -- Orton S -- Cumbria / -- 5.5.2012

button   Alfresco, Raven Crag
button   Alph, Pavey Ark
button   Anddromeda, Pavey Ark
button   Aragorn, Neckband Crag
button   Arcturus, Pavey Ark
button   Ash Lea, Little Langdale
button   Astra, Pavey Ark
button   B B Corner, Flat Crags
button   Babylon, Raven Crag
button   barn, Langdale
button   Baskerville, Raven Crag
button   Bennison's Chimney, Pavey Ark
button   bield, Orton S
button   Bilberry Buttress, Raven Crag
button   Blandish, Tarn Crag
button   Blea Tarn, Lakes
button   Bluebell Arete, Raven Crag
button   Bluebell Gully, Raven Crag
button   Borstal Buttress, Cambridge Crag
button   Bowfell Buttress Eliminate, Bowfell Buttress
button   Bowfell Buttress Girdle, Bowfell Buttress
button   Bowfell Buttress Route, Bowfell Buttress
button   Bracken Clock, Pavey Ark
button   Bracken Route, Pavey Ark
button   Bradley's Damnation, Raven Crag
button   Bright Beck
button   Brown Trousers, Raven Crag
button   Bypass Route, Pavey Ark
button   Cambidge Climb, Cambridge Crag
button   Cascade, Pavey Ark
button   Centipede, Raven Crag
button   Central Route, Bowfell Buttress
button   Chequer Buttress, Pavey Ark
button   Chimney Variant, Whitegill Crag
button   Chopper, Raven Crag
button   Confidence, Raven Crag
button   Cook's Tour, Pavey Ark
button   Cravat, Neckband Crag
button   Crescent Climb, Pavey Ark
button   Crescent Direct, Pavey Ark
button   Crescent Slabs, Pavey Ark
button   Crescent Wall, Pavey Ark
button   Crossword, Oakhowe Crag
button   Crustacean Traverse, Side Pike
button   Damascus, Raven Crag
button   Deception, Pavey Ark
button   Deuterus, Raven Crag
button   Do Not, Whitegill Crag
button   Eliminot, Whitegill Crag
button   Evening Wall, Raven Crag
button   Festerday, Raven Crag
button   Flat Crags Climb, Flat Crags
button   Flat Crags Corner, Flat Crags
button   Flat Iron Wall, Flat Crags
button   Gamekeeper, Raven Crag
button   Gandalf's Groove, Neckband Crag
button   Garden Path, Whitegill Crag
button   Gibli, North Buttress
button   Gibson's Chimney, Pavey Ark
button   Gillette, Neckband Crag
button   Girdle Traverse, Neckband Crag
button   Girdle Traverse, Pavey Ark
button   Girdle Traverse, Raven Crag
button   Gizzard, Neckband Crag
button   Gnomon, North Buttress
button   Golden Slipper, Pavey Ark
button   Gordian Knot, Whitegill Crag
button   Granny Knot, Whitegill Crag
button   Great Gully, Pavey Ark
button   Great Nevy Gill, Orton S
button   Grey Corner, Bowfell Buttress
button   Grey Rib, Bowfell Buttress
button   guide stone, Langdale
button   guide stone, Langdale (2)
button   Gurt Gardin Stuff, Oakhowe Crag
button   Gwynne's Chimney, Pavey Ark
button   Harristickorner, Harrison Stickle
button   Haste Not Direct, Whitegill Crag
button   Haste Not, Whitegill Crag
button   Heather Groove, Whitegill Crag
button   Heather Slab, Tarn Crag
button   hedge, Little Langdale
button   Hitcher, Whitegill Crag
button   Hobbit, Pavey Ark
button   Hobson's Choice, Pavey Ark
button   Hollin Groove, Whitegill Crag
button   Holly Tree Direct, Raven Crag
button   Holly Tree Traverse, Raven Crag
button   Holy Trinity, Langdale
button   Hot Pot, Raven Crag
button   Inferno, Whitegill Crag
button   Jaundice, Raven Crag
button   Jericho Wall, Raven Crag
button   Junction Arete, Whitegill Crag
button   Jungle Wall, Raven Crag
button   Kaisergebirge Wall, Raven Crag
button   Kneewrecker Chimney, Raven Crag
button   Langdale Bridge, Orton S
button   Langdale Knott, Orton S
button   Langdale Pikes, Lakes
button   Laugh Not, Whitegill Crag
button   Ledge and Groove, Bowfell Buttress
button   Little Corner, Pavey Ark
button   Longdale, Orton S
button   Major Slab, Kettle Crag
button   Mamba, Raven Crag
button   Man of Straw, Whitegill Crag
button   Marrawak, Side Pike
button   Mary Ann, Flat Crags
button   Mendes Traverse, Raven Crag
button   Mendes, Raven Crag
button   Merlin Slab, Pike of Stickle
button   Middlefell Buttress, Raven Crag
button   Moss Wall, Whitegill Crag
button   Muscle Crack, Raven Crag
button   Nadir, Raven Crag
button   Naztron, Whitegill Crag
button   Neckband, Neckband Crag
button   Nectar, Neckband Crag
button   Nevygill Fold, Langdale
button   Nineveh, Raven Crag
button   Not Again, Whitegill Crag
button   Nutcracker Cleft, Raven Crag
button   Oak Howe Needle, Oakhowe Crag
button   Oak Tree Wall, Raven Crag
button   Orchid, Tarn Crag
button   Original Route, Raven Crag
button   Ornithology, Raven Crag
button   Paladin, Whitegill Crag
button   Peascod's Route, Raven Crag
button   Perhaps Not, Whitegill Crag
button   Plaque Route, Bowfell Buttress
button   Pluto, Raven Crag
button   Poker Face, Pavey Ark
button   Porkers' Parade, Whitegill Crag
button   Porphyry Slab, Harrison Stickle
button   Protus, Raven Crag
button   quarry, Langdale
button   quarry, Langdale (2)
button   Question Not, Whitegill Crag
button   Ragman's Trumpet, Pavey Ark
button   Rainmaker, Pavey Ark
button   Rake End Chimney, Pavey Ark
button   Rake End Wall, Pavey Ark
button   Ramblers' Hangover, Scout Crag
button   Ramrod, Raven Crag
button   Raven Girdle, Raven Crag
button   Razor Crack, Neckband Crag
button   Rectangular Slab, Pavey Ark
button   Revelation, Raven Crag
button   Rib and Wall, Tarn Crag
button   Rib Pitch, Pavey Ark
button   Righthand Wall Traverse, Bowfell Buttress
button   Righthand Wall, Bowfell Buttress
button   ring of bells, Langdale
button   Rope Not, Whitegill Crag
button   Rough Ridge, Side Pike
button   Roundabout Direct, Pavey Ark
button   Roundabout, Pavey Ark
button   Route 1, Raven Crag
button   Route 1, Scout Crag
button   Route 1, Tarn Crag
button   Route 1.5, Scout Crag
button   Route 2, Raven Crag
button   Route 2, Scout Crag
button   Route 2, Tarn Crag
button   Rowan Tree Groove, Raven Crag
button   Rubicon Groove, Bowfell Buttress
button   Runner Wall, Whitegill Crag
button   Russett Groove, Whitegill Crag
button   Sally Free and Easy, Pavey Ark
button   Salmon Leap, Scout Crag
button   Samarkand, Raven Crag
button   Savernake, Raven Crag
button   Scabbard, North Buttress
button   Schizen Groove, Raven Crag
button   Scout's Belt, Scout Crag
button   Semerikod, Kettle Crag
button   sheepfold, Orton S (3)
button   Shivering Timber, Whitegill Crag
button   Shroud, Raven Crag
button   Siamese Chimneys, North Buttress
button   Sign of Four, Raven Crag
button   Sinister Slabs, Bowfell Buttress
button   Slabs Route 1, Whitegill Crag
button   Slabs Route 2, Whitegill Crag
button   Slip Knot, Whitegill Crag
button   Speckled Band, Raven Crag
button   Spider Crack, Side Pike
button   Stalag, Pavey Ark
button   Stewpot, Raven Crag
button   Stickle Grooves, Pavey Ark
button   Stoats' Crack, Pavey Ark
button   stone wall, Langdale
button   stone wall, Little Langdale
button   Stony Buttress, Pavey Ark
button   Subsidiary Ridge, Raven Crag
button   Sunny Bank Cottage, Little Langdale
button   Swastika, North Buttress
button   Sword of Damocles, North Buttress
button   Tapestry, Whitegill Crag
button   Terrace Crack, Crinkle Crag
button   Trilogy, Raven Crag
button   Troll's Corner, Pavey Ark
button   Troughton Beck
button   Variation Girdle Traverse, Whitegill Crag
button   Virgo, Neckband Crag
button   Wailing Wall, Pavey Ark
button   Waller's Crack, Harrison Stickle
button   Walthwaite Gully, Raven Crag
button   water gate, Langdale
button   Watson Wall, Raven Crag
button   West Buttress, Tarn Crag
button   White Ghyll Chimney, Whitegill Crag
button   White Ghyll Eliminate, Whitegill Crag
button   White Ghyll Traverse, Whitegill Crag
button   White Ghyll Wall, Whitegill Crag
button   Why Not, Whitegill Crag
button   Wilson Place, Little Langdale
button   Woodlands, Little Langdale
button   Zero Route, Scout Crag

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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