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placename:- Little Salkeld Station
site name:- Settle and Carlisle Railway
locality:- Little Salkeld
parish Hunsonby parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
railway station; station
coordinates:- NY56483552
10Km square:- NY53
Opened 1876; closed 1970.

1Km square NY5635


Little Salkeld Station -- Settle and Carlisle Railway -- Little Salkeld -- Hunsonby -- Cumbria / -- Now a private house. -- 26.8.2005

hearsay A down passenger express, 11 bogie carriages and vans pulled by compound 4-4-0 locomotive no.1010, running on a down grade at about 55mph, entered a cutting, about 4pm, 19 January 1918. Driver Whitworth looked out to check all was clear, a habit, he always looked out for a distant signal used to stand there. All was clear, then he was busy in the cab, but looked out about 30 seconds later, and the line had been blocked by a sudden landslide. Although he braked the train ran into the pile of earth. The locomotive came to a stop leaning over, on the ballast; the first van finished broadside on with the following carriage on top of it; most of the other carriages were upright. Altogether seven passengers died, 37 were injured or shocked; nine railwaymen were slightly injured.
Less than an hour before a platelayer had passed this way twice, and nothing was amiss.

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