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placename:- Lorton parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY1725
10Km square:- NY22
10Km square:- NY12
parish code:- LRTN
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY1725

source:- Census 1971

population:- 233 -- 1971

Aiken Beck
Aiken, Lorton
Armaside, Lorton
Barn, Lorton
Blaze Beck
Blaze Bridge, Lorton
Boon Beck Farm, High Lorton
Boonbeck Bridge, High Lorton
Bridgend House, Low Lorton
Broom Fell, Lorton
Casshow Wood, Lorton
Clint's Wood, Lorton
Cocker, River
Corner Cottage, High Lorton
Corner House, High Lorton
Darling How, Lorton
drain, Low Lorton
Fairfield, Lorton
fence, Lorton
fingerpost, High Lorton
fingerpost, Lorton
fingerpost, Lorton (2)
fingerpost, Low Lorton
forest, Lorton
gate, High Lorton
gate, High Lorton (2)
Graystones, Lorton
Grisedale Pike, Above Derwent
Harrot, Lorton
High Gilbrea, Lorton
High Lorton, Lorton
High Mill, Lorton
High Side, Lorton
High Whitbeck Bridge, Lorton
Hobcarton Crag, Lorton
Hobcarton End, Lorton
Hobcarton Gill
Hobcarton, Lorton
Hole Mire, High Lorton
Holme Cottage, Low Lorton
Hopebeck Bridge, Lorton
Hopegill Head, Buttermere
house, High Lorton
hydrant plate, High Lorton
Kirk Fell, Lorton
Knotts, Lorton
Ladyside Pike, Lorton
Lambfold, High Lorton
Lodge, Low Lorton
Lord's Seat, Above Derwent
Lorton Fells, Lorton
Lorton Hall, Low Lorton
Lorton Low Bridge, Low Lorton
Lorton Methodist Church, High Lorton
Lorton Park Cottage, High Lorton
Lorton Park, High Lorton
Lorton Primary School, High Lorton
Lorton Vale, Lorton
Lorton Village Shop, High Lorton
Lorton Yew, High Lorton
Low Lorton, Lorton
Midtown, High Lorton
milestone, Lorton
milestone, Lorton (2)
milestone, Lorton (3)
Minikin Memorial, Lorton
New Farm, Lorton
New House Farm, Lorton
Oak Hill, High Lorton
Oak Lodge, Low Lorton
Old Police House, High Lorton
Packhorse Cottage, Low Lorton
Park Cottage, High Lorton
pinfold, High Lorton
quarry, Lorton
road, Borrowdale and Buttermere
Rose Cottage, High Lorton
Scales Farm Cottage, Lorton
Scales, Lorton
Scaw Gill, Lorton
Scawgill Bridge, Lorton
sheepfold, Lorton
Spout Force, Lorton
St Cuthbert, Lorton
stone wall, Lorton
stone wall, Lorton (2)
stone wall, Lorton (3)
summer house, Low Lorton
Thornthwaite Forest, Lorton
trig point, NY1753524224
water trough, Lorton
Wheatsheaf Inn, Low Lorton
Whinlatter Pass, Lorton
Whinlatter, Lorton
Whit Beck
Whitbeck Bridge, Lorton
Widow Hause, Lorton
Yew Tree Hall, High Lorton

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