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placename:- Muncaster Mill Bridge
site name:- Mite, River
parish Muncaster parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- SD09449772
10Km square:- SD09

1Km square SD0997


Muncaster Mill Bridge -- Mite, River -- Muncaster -- Cumbria / -- 11.5.2006

old map:- OS County Series (Cmd 82)

County Series maps of Great Britain, scales 6 and 25 inches to 1 mile, published by the Ordnance Survey, Southampton, Hampshire, from about 1863 to 1948.
Mill Br. / Ordinary Spring tides flow to this Bridge

placename:- Mill Bridge
date:- 1867=1868
period:- 19th century, late; 1860s

old map:- Bowen and Kitchin 1760 -- probably relevant

New Map of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland, scale about 4 miles to 1 inch, Emanuel Bowen and Thomas Kitchin, published by T Bowles, John Bowles and Son, Robert Sayer, and John Tinney, 1760; published 1760-87.
thumbnail BO18SD08, button to large image
road across the Mite
date:- 1760
period:- 18th century, late; 1760s

old map:- Sanson 1679 -- perhaps relevant

Map, Ancien Royaume de Northumberland aujourdhuy Provinces de Nort, ie the Ancient Kingdom of Northumberland or the Northern Provinces, scale about miles to 1 inch, by Nicholas Sanson, Paris, France, 1679.
thumbnail SAN2Cm, button to large image
double line over a stream; bridge
county:- Cumberland
date:- 1679
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

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