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placename:- Mungrisdale parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY3531
10Km square:- NY23, NY33, NY43
10Km square:- NY22, NY32, NY42
parish code:- MNGR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY3531

source:- Census 1971

population:- 294 -- 1971

Askew Rigg, Mungrisdale
Atkinson Pike, Threlkeld
Bank House, Mungrisdale
Bannerdale Beck (2)
Bannerdale Crags, Mungrisdale
Bannerdale Mine, Mungrisdale
Bannerdale View, Mungrisdale
Bannerdale, Mungrisdale
barn, Bowscale
Barrow Beck
Berrier End, Mungrisdale
Berrier, Mungrisdale
Bishopspot, Mungrisdale
Blackhazel Beck
Blake Beck
Blake Hills Farm, Mungrisdale
Blakebeck, Mungrisdale
Blind Keld, Mungrisdale
Blue Screes, Mungrisdale
boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah
boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (2)
boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (3)
boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (4)
boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (5)
boundary stone, Bowscale
boundary stone, Matterdale/Mungrisdale
boundary stone, Mosedale
boundary stone, Mungrisdale (5)
Bowscale Fell, Mungrisdale
Bowscale Tarn, Mungrisdale
Bowscale, Mungrisdale
Brandy Gill
bridge, Beckside
bridge, Castle Sowerby
bridge, Mungrisdale
Bright Tarn, Mungrisdale
Brunt Knott, Mungrisdale
Caldew, River
Carrock Fell Mines, Mungrisdale
Carrock Fell, Caldbeck
Chapel Stone, Mungrisdale
Chapelside, Mungrisdale
Churchstile, Mungrisdale
Cloven Stone, Mungrisdale
Coomb Height, Caldbeck
Coomb, Mungrisdale
Copyhill, Mungrisdale
Croft House, Mosedale
Crook a Fleet, Mungrisdale
Crookafleet, Mungrisdale
dam, Mungrisdale
Deerrudding, Mungrisdale
drain, Mosedale
Drycomb Beck
Drycomb Mount, Mungrisdale
Eycott Hill, Mungrisdale
Eycott, Berrier
Farhow, Mungrisdale
fence, Souther Fell
Field Boulder Fold, Mungrisdale
Field Head, Mungrisdale
fingerpost, Mungrisdale
footbridge, Mungrisdale
footbridge, Mungrisdale (2)
footbridge, Mungrisdale (3)
ford, Mungrisdale
ford, Mungrisdale (2)
Foule Crag, Mungrisdale
Further Gill Sike
Further Gill, Mungrisdale
Gate Farm, Mungrisdale
gate, Mungrisdale
geology, Mungrisdale
Gillcambon Beck
Glenderamackin, River
Grainsgill Beck
Great Lingy Hill, Caldbeck
Greenah Crag, Mungrisdale
Grisdale Common, Mungrisdale
Haltcliff Bridge, Mungrisdale
Hare Stones, Caldbeck
Hazelhurst, Mungrisdale
Heggle Lane, Mungrisdale
Hegglefoot, Mungrisdale
Hegglehead, Mungrisdale
High Beckside, Mungrisdale
High Murrah, Murrah
hillfort, Carrock Fell
Hole House, Mungrisdale
Home Farm Cottage, Bowscale
house, Haltcliff Bridge
house, Mosedale
house, Mungrisdale
house, Mungrisdale (2)
Hutton Moor End, Mungrisdale
Hutton Roof, Mungrisdale
Knotts, Mungrisdale
Lane Head, Mungrisdale
limekiln, Mungrisdale
Liscow, Mungrisdale
Long Brow, Mungrisdale
Longdale, Mungrisdale
Lonning Foot, Mungrisdale
Low Beckside, Mungrisdale
Low House, Mungrisdale
Low Mill Bridge, Mungrisdale
Low Mill Farm, Mungrisdale
Lowside, Mungrisdale
Marks House, Mungrisdale
meeting house, Mosedale
Middle Farm Cottage, Mungrisdale
Middles' Farm, Mosedale
milestone, Mungrisdale
Mill House, Mungrisdale
mill, Mungrisdale
Miller Moss, Mungrisdale
Millfield Lodge, Mungrisdale
Moor End Farm, Mungrisdale
Mosedale Bridge, Mosedale
Mosedale End Farm, Mosedale
Mosedale House, Mosedale
Mosedale Moss, Mungrisdale
Mosedale New Bridge, Mosedale
Mosedale valley, Mungrisdale
Mosedale, Mungrisdale
Moss Dyke, Mungrisdale
Mousthwaite Comb, Mungrisdale
Mungrisdale Beck
Mungrisdale Common, Mungrisdale
Mungrisdale Village Hall, Mungrisdale
Murrah Hall, Mungrisdale
Murrah, Mungrisdale
Nearhow, Mungrisdale
Newsham Bridge, Greystoke
Nobles Farm, Berrier
Nook, Mungrisdale
Norman Crag, Mungrisdale
NY33: earthquake 20080524 0316
NY33: earthquake 20080528 2009a
Old Vicarage, Mungrisdale
pass, Threlkeld
Pike, Mungrisdale
quarry, Mungrisdale
Raven Crags, Mungrisdale
Redmire Farm Fold, Mungrisdale
Redmire, Mungrisdale
road, Penrith to Keswick
roman fort, Hutton Moor (2)
Roughton Gill
Round Knott, Caldbeck
Roundhouse, Mungrisdale
Scale, Mungrisdale
School House, Mungrisdale
school, Berrier
school, Hutton Roof (2)
school, Mungrisdale
Sharp Edge, Mungrisdale
sheepfold, Mungrisdale
sheepfold, Mungrisdale (2)
sheepfold, Mungrisdale (3)
Souther Fell, Mungrisdale
Southerfell Cottage, Mungrisdale
Southerfell, Mungrisdale
St Kentigern, Mungrisdale
Stake, Underskiddaw
Stewart Hill, Mungrisdale
Stone Ends, Mungrisdale
stone wall, Mosedale
stone wall, Mungrisdale
stone wall, Mungrisdale (2)
Sureset Spring, Mungrisdale
Swineside, Mungrisdale
Tarn Crags, Mungrisdale
Tarn Sike (2)
Thwaite Hall, Mungrisdale
Tongue, Mungrisdale
track, Penrith to Cockermouth
trig point, NY3334130544
trig point, NY3416833642
trig point, NY3912830716
Undercrag, Mungrisdale
Underhowe Farm, Mungrisdale
waterfall, Glenderamackin
waterfall, Roughton Gill
waterworks sign, Bowscale
waterworks sign, Mungrisdale
waterworks sign, Mungrisdale (2)
Westing, Mungrisdale
Wham Head Farm, Mungrisdale
White Horse Bent, Mungrisdale
Wiley Gill
Wiltonhill, Mungrisdale
Wolt Bridge, Matterdale

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