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placename:- Orton parish
placename:- Orton S parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Westmorland
coordinates:- NY6307
10Km square:- NY61
10Km square:- NY50, NY60
10Km square:- SD69
parish code:- ORTS
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY6307

source:- Census 1971

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675

Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

placename:- Orton
date:- 1675
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

Acres, Orton S
All Saints, Orton
Archer Fold, Orton S
Archer Hill house, Orton S
Archer Hill, Orton S
Bank Wells, Kelleth
barn, Orton S
Barugh Bridge, Orton S
Barugh House, Orton S
Barugh, Orton S
Beacon Hill, Orton S
Beckside, Orton S
bield, Orton S
Birk Beck
Birkbeck Fells Common, Orton S
Birkbeck Viaduct, Tebay
Birkgill Moss, Orton S
Blakethwaite Bottom, Orton S
Blakethwaite Stone, Orton S
Bland House, Orton S
Blea Beck
Bleabeck Bridge, Shap Rural
Borrowdale, Whinfell
boundary stone, Orton S
Bousfield, Orton S
Bowbrow, Orton S
Bowderdale Beck
Bowderdale Bridge, Bowderdale
Bowderdale Head, Orton S
Bowderdale valley, Ravenstonedale
Brackenhill, Orton S
Breasthigh Beck
Breasthigh Road, Orton S
Bretherdale Bank, Orton S
Bretherdale Beck
Bretherdale Common, Orton S
Bretherdale Foot, Orton S
Bretherdale Hall, Orton S
Bretherdale Head, Bretherdale
Bretherdale, Orton S
Bridge End, Bretherdale
Bridge End, Greenholme
bridge, Bretherdale
bridge, Orton S
Broadfell, Orton S
Bullflatt, Orton S
Buskethowe, Orton S
Bybeck, Orton S
Calf, Sedbergh
Castle Howe, Orton S
Chapel Beck (2)
Chapel House, Orton S
Churngill Beck
Coatflatt Bridge, Orton S
Coatflatt Hall, Orton S
Cobles, Orton S
Collyrag Quarry, Orton S
Corkham Beck
Cotegill Beck
Cotegill, Orton S
Cottage, Longdale
Cow Dub, Orton S
Cowbound Lane, Orton S
Cowbound, Orton S
Crookdale Crag, Orton S
Danielhill, Orton S
Dawns, Orton S
Demings Moss, Orton S
Demmings, Orton S
Docker Force, Orton S
Docker Knott, Orton S
Dorothy Bridge, Orton S
East Grain
Eskew Beck
Eskew Beck Farm, Orton S
Eskew Beck House, Orton S
Eskew Head, Orton S
Ewelock Bank, Orton S
Fawcett Mill, Orton S
fingerpost, Orton S (2)
fingerpost, Raisbeck
Flakebridge Beck
Flakebridge, Orton S
Flow Moss, Orton S
footbridge, Bretherdale
footbridge, Bretherdale (2)
ford, Orton S
ford, Whinfell
Friar Biggins, Orton S
Galloway Stone, Orton S
Gamelands, Orton S
gate, Orton S
gate, Orton S (2)
George Hotel, Orton S
Gill Farm, Orton S
Grains, Orton S
Great Kinmond, Orton S
Great Nevy Gill, Orton S
Greenhead, Bretherdale
Greenholme Bridge, Greenholme
Greenholme, Orton S
Greystone Cottage, Orton
Grimes Moor, Orton S
Grimesmoor House, Orton S
Hand Lake, Orton S
Hare Shaw, Sedbergh
Hause Hill, Orton S
Hay Banks, Orton S
Hazelgill Knott, Orton S
High Barugh, Orton S
High Crag, Orton S
High Flakebridge, Orton S
High Greenholme, Orton S
High Scales, Orton S
High Whinhowe, Orton S
Holme Fold, Orton S
Holme House, Orton S
Horse House, Orton S
Horseing Stone, Orton S
house, Greenholme
house, Longdale
house, Orton
house, Orton (2)
Howe Nook, Orton S
Howgill Fells, Howgill
Hurrock of Stones, Crosby Ravensworth
Ingmoor, Orton
Kelleth Farm, Orton S
Kelleth Rigg, Orton S
Kelleth, Orton S
Kellsike Well, Orton S
Kirkland House, Orton
Knott, Orton S
Ladle Barn, Orton S
Lady Well, Orton S
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Lancey Halls, Orton S
Langdale Beck
Langdale Bridge, Orton S
Langdale Fell, Orton S
Langdale Knott, Orton S
Langdale, Orton S
limekiln, Orton
limekiln, Orton S
limekiln, Orton S (2)
limekiln, Orton S (3)
limekiln, Orton S (4)
limekiln, Orton S (5)
limekiln, Orton S (6)
Long Gill, Orton S
Long Gills, Orton S
Longdale, Orton S
Low Barugh, Orton S
Low Chapel, Orton S
Low Crag, Orton S
Low Greenholme, Orton S
Low Moor, Orton S
Low Scales, Orton S
Low Whinhowe Farm, Orton S
Lowstead, Bretherdale
Lune, River
Lunebridge Fen, Orton S
Market Hall, Orton S
Martinagap, Orton S
Megan's Fold, Bretherdale
Middle Grain
Middleholme Bridge, Orton S
Middleton, Orton S
Midfield, Orton S
Midwath Stead, Bretherdale
milestone, Orton S
milestone, Orton S (2)
milestone, Orton S (3)
milestone, Orton S (4)
milestone, Orton S (5)
mill, Scout Green
Mitchells Stone, Orton S
Moor House, Orton S
Nan Hill, Orton S
New House, Orton S
North Side, Orton S
NY60: earthquake 18801229
NY60: earthquake 18810102
NY60: earthquake 19820426 1429
Old School House, Orton S
Old School, Orton S
Orton Beacon, Orton S
Orton Common, Orton S
Orton Hall, Orton S
Orton Liberal Club, Orton
Orton Methodist Church, Orton S
Orton Scar, Orton S
Orton, Orton S
Orton, Orton S: Kennedys Fine Chocolates
Orton, Orton S: New Village Tea Rooms
Orton, Orton S: Stores and Post Office
packhorse bridge, Orton S
Packhorse Hill, Orton S
Park, Orton S
Parrocks, Bretherdale
Petty Hall, Orton S
Pinfold Bridge, Raisbeck
pinfold, Orton S
Potlands, Orton S
quarry, Orton S
railway bridge, Orton S
Rais Beck
Raisbank, Orton S
Raisbeck Pinfold, Raisbeck
Raisbeck, Orton S
Raisgill Hall Bridge, Orton S
Raisgill Hall, Orton S
Raisgill Hill, Orton S
Rampshowe, Orton S
Rayne Bridge, Orton S
Rayne, Orton S
ring of bells, Orton
road, Kendal to Shap
road, Orton to Warcop
road, Sedbergh to Orton
road, Shap to Orton
road, Shap to Tebay
road, Tebay to Appleby
road, Tebay to Kirkby Stephen
Salterwath, Orton S
Scale Howe, Bretherdale
Scalegill, Orton S
Scar Side, Orton S
Scarside, Orton S
school, Longdale
school, Orton
school, Raisbeck
Scotchman's Bridge, Orton S
Scout Green Fold, Scout Green
Scout Green, Orton S
Selsmire, Orton S
sheep dip, Orton
sheep feeder, Cotegill
sheep feeder, Orton
sheep feeder, Orton (2)
sheepfold, Bretherdale
sheepfold, Howgill Fells
sheepfold, Howgill Fells (2)
sheepfold, Orton S
sheepfold, Orton S (2)
sheepfold, Orton S (3)
sheepfold, Orton S (4)
sheepfold, Orton S (5)
sheepfold, Orton S (6)
Simon's Seat, Orton S
Slapestone Bridge, Orton S
South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway
Sproat Ghyll Farm, Orton S
Sproatgill Well, Orton S
Stakeley Folds, Orton S
Stakeley, Orton S
Steps, Orton S
stone wall, Orton
stone wall, Orton (2)
stone wall, Orton (3)
stone wall, Raisbeck
Stony Head, Orton S
Stonygill Beck
Stonygill, Orton S
Street Farm, Orton S
Street, Orton S
Sunbiggin Tarn, Orton S
Sunbiggin, Orton S
Swan Villa, Orton
Tarn Moor, Orton S
Tarn Sike
tarn, Archer Hill
Tebay West, Orton S
Temperance Hall, Orton S
Thorny Bank, Orton S
Thunder Stone, Crosby Ravensworth
Thunder Stone, Orton S
Thunder Stone, Orton S (2)
Thunder Stone, Orton S (3)
Town Head Farm, Raisbeck
Town Head House, Orton S
trig point, NY5825605289
trig point, NY6469609226
trig point, NY6528501274
trig point, NY6638205641
tumulus, Orton S
Uldale Beck
Uldale Head, Tebay
Uldale, Orton S
Vicarage, Orton S
Wadebarrow Barn, Orton S
Wain Gap, Orton S
Wasdale Beck
Wasdale Old Bridge, Shap Rural
Waverley Temperance Hotel, Orton S
weather station, Orton S
Weathercalf Moss, Orton S
West Fell, Orton S
West Grain
Westhouse Barn, Orton S
Whinash, Tebay
Whitebrow, Orton S
Wind Scarth, Sedbergh
Windscarth Wyke, Sedbergh

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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