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placename:- Satterthwaite parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Lancashire
coordinates:- SD3493
10Km square:- SD39
10Km square:- SD38
parish code:- STTR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD3493

source:- Census 1971

population:- 275 -- 1971

All Saints, Satterthwaite
Austin Fell Wood, Satterthwaite
Bark House Wood, Satterthwaite
Beck Leven
Beck Leven Foot, Coniston
Beechmount, Graythwaite
boat house, Satterthwaite (2)
boat house, Satterthwaite (3)
boat house, Satterthwaite (4)
Bowkerstead Bridge, Satterthwaite
Bowkerstead Farm, Satterthwaite
Breasty Haw, Satterthwaite
bridge, Satterthwaite
Coniston Water
Cunsey Bridge, Satterthwaite
Cunsey Forge, Satterthwaite
Cunsey Furnace, Satterthwaite
Cunsey House, Satterthwaite
Cunsey Mill, Satterthwaite
Cunsey Wood, Satterthwaite
Cunsey, Satterthwaite
Dale Park Beck
Dale Park, Satterthwaite
Eagles Head, Satterthwaite
Eel House Bridge, Satterthwaite
Eel House, Satterthwaite
eel trap, Satterthwaite
Farra Grain Higher Bridge, Satterthwaite
Farra Grain Lower Bridge, Satterthwaite
Field Head, Satterthwaite
Fir Island, Coniston Water
Force Beck (2)
Force Falls, Satterthwaite
Force Forge, Satterthwaite
Force Mill Bridge, Force Mills
Force Mills, Satterthwaite
Graythwaite Hall, Satterthwaite
Graythwaite Old Hall, Satterthwaite
Great Intake, Satterthwaite
Great Knott, Satterthwaite
Great Wood, Satterthwaite
Green Hows Tarn, Colton
Grizedale Beck
Grizedale Forest, Satterthwaite
Grizedale Hall Bridge, Satterthwaite
Grizedale Hall, Satterthwaite
Grizedale Tarn, Satterthwaite
Grizedale, Satterthwaite
Grubbins Point, Satterthwaite
Hall Wood, Satterthwaite
Hammer Hole, Satterthwaite
Hazel Hall, Satterthwaite
Hazelseat, Satterthwaite
Heald Brow Pasture, Satterthwaite
Heald, Satterthwaite
High Birk, Satterthwaite
High Dale Park, Satterthwaite
High Man, Satterthwaite
Holme Well, Satterthwaite
Jack Gap Plantation, Satterthwaite
Laburnum Cottage, Satterthwaite
Long Crags, Satterthwaite
Long Tongue, Satterthwaite
Low Bowkerstead, Satterthwaite
Low Cat Crag, Satterthwaite
Low Cunsey Farm, Satterthwaite
Low Dale Park Bridge, Satterthwaite
Low Dale Park, Satterthwaite
Machell Coppice, Satterthwaite
Middle Dale Park, Satterthwaite
Newlands Cottage, Satterthwaite
Old Bobbin Mill, Satterthwaite
Old Vicarage, Satterthwaite
Park Plantation, Satterthwaite
post box, Cunsey
post box, Grizedale
post office, Grizedale
Rawlinson Nab, Satterthwaite
Rawlinson's Intake, Satterthwaite
road, Coniston Water
road, Far Sawrey to Newby Bridge
road, Lowick to Hawkshead
road, Lowick to Hawshead
Sawrey Bridge, Satterthwaite
Scale Green, Satterthwaite
school, Satterthwaite
sheepfold, Graythwaite
Silverholme, Satterthwaite
station, Low Cat Crag
sundial, Graythwaite Hall
sundial, Graythwaite Hall (2)
trig point, SD3252794334
trig point, SD3616392446
Wall that went for a Walk, Satterthwaite
water trough, Satterthwaite
Wedder Gleam, Satterthwaite
weir, Newby Bridge

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