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placename:- Skelton parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY4338
10Km square:- NY34, NY44
10Km square:- NY33, NY43
parish code:- SKLT
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY4338

source:- Census 1971

population:- 1030 -- 1971

Arnold House, Skelton
Askrigg Hall, Skelton
Auldby, Skelton
Barton's Farm, Skelton
Beacon Hill Farm, Skelton
Beacon Hill, Skelton
Beaconside, Skelton
Beckside, Skelton
Beech Croft, Skelton
Beeches, Skelton
Belmont, Skelton
boundary stone, Catterlen/Skelton
boundary stone, Hesket/Skelton
boundary stone, Skelton
Braithwaite Beck
Braithwaite Bridge, Skelton
Braithwaite Hall, Skelton
Braithwaite Shields, Skelton
bridge, Skelton
bridge, Skelton (2)
Broad Field, Hesket
Brow Top Cottage, Skelton
Chapel Cottage, Skelton
chapel, Hutton End
chapel, Skelton
Christ Church, Ivegill
Clark's Farm, Skelton
Collinsons Well, Skelton
Collinson's Castle, Skelton
Crofthead, Skelton
Crown Farm, Skelton
Crown Point, Skelton
Devonshire Square, Skelton
Dog and Gun, Skelton
East View, Skelton
Ellonby Hall, Skelton
Ellonby, Skelton
Fowrass, Skelton
Grange, Ivegill
Grassknop, Skelton
Hardrigg Hall, Skelton
High Braithwaite, Skelton
High Bridge bridge, Skelton
High Bridge, Skelton
High Head Castle, Skelton
High Head Chapel, Skelton
High Head Farm, Skelton
High Head Sculpture Valley, Skelton
High Head Stone Circle, Skelton
Highrigg, Skelton
Hole House, Skelton
Holly Hill, Skelton
Home Farm House, Unthank End
Home Farm, Skelton
house, Hutton End
house, Skelton
Howes, Skelton
Hutton Beck
Hutton End, Skelton
Hutton Grange, Skelton
Hutton Row, Skelton
Hutton Soil, Skelton
Hutton-in-the-Forest, Skelton
Ive Bank, Ivegill
Ive, River
Ivegill CofE Primary School, Ivegill
Ivegill, Hesket
Ivy House Stables, Skelton
Keeper's Cottage, Skelton
Kirk Rigg, Skelton
Knight's Lodge, Skelton
Laithes Bridge, Laithes
Laithes, Skelton
Laithes, Skelton (2)
Lamb Beck Ing, Skelton
Lamonby Hall, Skelton
Lamonby House, Skelton
Lamonby Limekilns, Skelton
Lamonby, Skelton
Landsfoot, Skelton
Laundry Cottage, Skelton
Line Beck
Linton Gill
Linton Gill Farm, Skelton
Linton Gill, Skelton
Lintongill Bridge, Skelton
Low Braithwaite, Skelton
Lower Dyke, Skelton
Market Gate Inn, Skelton
Market Gate, Skelton
Marketgate Bridge, Skelton
Meadow View, Skelton
Middle Farm, Laithes
Middlesceugh Hall, Skelton
Middlesceugh Quarry, Skelton
Middlesceugh, Skelton
Morton, Skelton
Netherscales, Skelton
New Rent, Skelton
Newlands Hill, Skelton
noon mark, High Head Farm
NY43: earthquake 19910130 0332
NY44: earthquake 19920511 0424
Old School House, Little Blencow
Old Vicarage, Ivegill
Parson's Park Wood, Skelton
Peel Gill
Phoenix Hall, Skelton
Pringle House, Skelton
Redlane End, Skelton
road, Penrith to Wigton
Robble Hill, Skelton
Roe Beck
Roehill, Skelton
Rushgill House, Skelton
Scales Hall, Skelton
school, Skelton
school, Skelton (2)
school, Thomas Close
sculpture, Ivegill
seat, High Head Sculpture Valley
seat, High Head Sculpture Valley (2)
Selewra Pele, Skelton
Sillerea Wood, Skelton
Skelton Bowling Club, Skelton
Skelton Methodist Church, Skelton
Skelton Pasture, Skelton
Skelton School, Skelton
Skelton Transmitting Station, Skelton
Skelton Village Hall, Skelton
Skelton Wood End, Skelton
Skelton Woodend Bridge, Skelton
Skelton: Get Ahead Hats
Smallthwaite House, Skelton
St James, Hutton-in-the-Forest
St Michael, Skelton
Starthhill, Skelton
Steelgate, Skelton
Stone End, Skelton
stone wall, Low Braithwaite
sundial, Hutton-in-the-Forest
sundial, Ivegill
sundial, Skelton
Swathwaite Head, Skelton
Temsend, Skelton
Thomas Close, Skelton
Townend, Laithes
Townhead, Skelton
trig point, NY4528937397
Unthank End, Skelton
Unthank Farm, Skelton
Unthank Hall, Skelton
Unthank House, Skelton
Unthank, Skelton
Upfront Gallery, Unthank
village hall, Ivegill
well, Skelton
Wharton Bridge, Ivegill
Whitrigg, Skelton
Willow Labyrinth, Skelton
Wood Close, Skelton
Wood End Farm, Skelton
Woodclose, Skelton
Woodgill, Skelton
Yew Tree House, Skelton

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