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placename:- Skelwith parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Lancashire
coordinates:- NY3402
10Km square:- NY30
parish code:- SKLW
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY3402

source:- Census 1971

population:- 297 -- 1971

bee boles, Skelwith
bee boles, Skelwith (2)
Black Fell, Skelwith
Black Hole Quarry, Little Langdale
Blelham Beck
boundary stone, Skelwith/Lakes
Brathay Bay, Windermere lake
Brathay Bridge, Clappersgate
Brathay Garths, Brathay
Brathay Hall, Brathay
Brathay Quarries, Skelwith
Brathay Rocks, Skelwith
Brathay, River
Brathay, Skelwith
Brow, Skelwith
Bull Close, Skelwith
Colwith Force, Lakes
Coniston United Mine, Skelwith
Elters, Skelwith Bridge
Elterwater Park, Skelwith
footbridge, Clappersgate
ford, Little Langdale
Gale Naze Crag, Skelwith
hedge, Skelwith
High Arnside, Skelwith
High Oxen Fell Farm, Skelwith
High Park Cottages, Skelwith
High Park Farm, Skelwith
Hodge Close Quarry, Skelwith
Hodge Close, Skelwith
Holme Ground Cottage, Skelwith
Holme Ground, Skelwith
Holmeshead Farm, Skelwith
Holy Trinity, Brathay
Huyton Hill Lodge, Skelwith
Huyton Hill, Skelwith
Jordan Quarry, Skelwith
limekiln, Skelwith
Little Fell, Skelwith
Little Langdale Quarry, Little Langdale
Low Arnside, Skelwith
Low Grounds Point, Skelwith
Low Oxen Fell Cottage, Skelwith
Low Oxen Fell, Skelwith
Low Park, Skelwith
Mickledore, Skelwith
mill, Skelwith Bridge
Mirk Hole Quarry, Skelwith
Moss Rigg Quarry, Skelwith
motte, Skelwith
Old Brathay, Brathay
Old Farm, Skelwith
Old Manor House, Skelwith
Oxen Fell High Cross, Skelwith
Oxen Fell, Skelwith
Park Fell, Skelwith
Park House, Skelwith
Pierce How Beck
Pierce How Bridge, Coniston
post box, Skelwith Bridge
powder magazine, Skelwith
Pull Cottage, Skelwith
Pull Garth Wood, Skelwith
Pull Inn, Skelwith
Pull Woods, Skelwith
Pull Wyke House, Skelwith
Renny Park Coppice, Skelwith
reservoir, Skelwith
Riverside House, Skelwith Bridge
road, Ambleside to Coniston
road, Clappersgate to Windermere Ferry
road, Grasmere to Skelwith Bridge
road, Skelwith Bridge to Ravenglass
school, Skelwith
Skelwith Bridge bridge, Skelwith Bridge
Skelwith Bridge, Skelwith
Skelwith Bridge, Skelwith: Kirkstone
Skelwith Fold, Skelwith
Skelwith Force, Skelwith
Stang End, Skelwith
station, Skelwith Fold
stile, Skelwith
Sty Rigg Quarry, Skelwith
Three Foot Brander, Lakes
Wellcome Nook Quarry, Skelwith
Wykefield Cottage, Skelwith
Wyth Bank, Skelwith

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