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placename:- Solport parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY4773
10Km square:- NY47
parish code:- SLPR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY4773

source:- Census 1971

population:- 189 -- 1971

Bartiestown, Solport
Black House, Solport
Blacklyne Bridge, Stapleton
Boggle Thorn, Solport
bridge, Holywell
Charnot Hill, Solport
Dockray Well, Solport
Drysike Well, Solport
fingerpost, Solport
fingerpost, Solport (2)
footbridge, Stapleton
ford, Solport
Friar Hill Gate, Solport
Friarhill, Solport
Gibstown, Solport
Hagg, Solport
Haggbeck, Solport
Hallsford, Solport
Hemplands Bridge, Arthuret
Hilltop, Solport
Holywell, Solport
Hope's House, Solport
Jenkinstown, Solport
Low Luckens, Solport
Lyne, River
Lynedale, Solport
Malls Hill, Solport
Mallsburn, Solport
Mallsgate, Solport
meeting house, Thornyland
Middlefoot, Solport
Moss House, Solport
Moss Side, Solport
Netherhirst, Solport
New House, Solport
Noddling Wood, Solport
NY47: earthquake 19791226 0357
NY47: earthquake 19791226 0459
NY47: earthquake 19791227 2305
NY47: earthquake 19791230 1040
NY47: earthquake 19791231 1124
NY47: earthquake 19800122 1853
NY47: earthquake 19800125 0345
NY47: earthquake 19800125 1501
NY47: earthquake 19800730 1533
NY47: earthquake 19810805 2123
NY47: earthquake 19940916 0320
NY47: earthquake 20020820 0705
Owlethirst, Solport
Pallyards, Solport
Park End, Solport
Park House, Solport
Parkrigg, Solport
Querlokens, Solport
Rack Bridge, Solport
Rae Burn
Roses Well, Solport
Row, Solport
Shank Castle, Solport
Shankfieldhead, Solport
Shankhill CofE Primary School, Solport
Shankhill, Solport
Shawhead, Solport
Shawstown, Solport
Smithsteads, Solport
Solport Bridge, Solport
Sykehead, Solport
Thornyland, Solport
trig point, NY4657174497
Trough Head, Solport
Trough School, Solport
Trough, Solport
Troughfoot, Solport
Wakey Hill, Solport
Westfield House, Solport
Wickerthwaite, Solport

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