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placename:- Stapleton parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY5071
10Km square:- NY47, NY57
10Km square:- NY46, NY56
parish code:- STPL
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY5071

source:- Census 1971

population:- 230 -- 1971

Barracks, Stapleton
Bellbank, Stapleton
Berry Hill, Stapleton
Blacklyne Bridge, Stapleton
Blackrigg, Stapleton
Bolton Fell peat railway
Bolton Fell, Hethersgill
Bride's Well, Stapleton
Burnside, Stapleton
Cracrop, Stapleton
Crook Bridge, Stapleton
Crook, Stapleton
Crossings Inn, Stapleton
Crossings, Stapleton
Cumcrook, Stapleton
Dappleymoor, Stapleton
Dodgsontown, Stapleton
Dormansteads, Stapleton
Dorryfield, Stapleton
Drove Inn, Stapleton
Fellend, Stapleton
fingerpost, Stapleton
fingerpost, Stapleton (2)
fingerpost, Stapleton (3)
Flosh, The
footbridge, Stapleton
Gibshill, Stapleton
Glebelands, Stapleton
Harperhill, Stapleton
Hewstown, Stapleton
High Green Hill, Stapleton
High Luckens, Stapleton
High Mossthorn, Stapleton
High Parkfoot, Stapleton
Kaysbank, Stapleton
Kernalhill, Stapleton
Leaps Flosh
Littlefield, Stapleton
Longrigg Moss, Stapleton
Longrigg School, Stapleton
Longrigg, Stapleton
Lordsgate, Stapleton
Low Mossthorn, Stapleton
Lynecrook, Stapleton
Lyneholme, Stapleton
Lyneholmeford, Stapleton
Millholme, Stapleton
Mossgrove, Stapleton
Newlands, Stapleton
North Greenhill, Stapleton
NY46: earthquake 19801214 0529
NY46: earthquake 19810101 1722
NY47: earthquake 19800101 0505
NY47: earthquake 19800101 0543
NY47: earthquake 19810425 0149
NY57: earthquake 19791226 1002
NY57: earthquake 19810425 0145
Pattieshill, Stapleton
Rack Bridge, Solport
Rosebank, Stapleton
Roundgreen Well, Stapleton
Roweltown, Stapleton
Selbystown, Stapleton
Shankbridge End, Stapleton
Silversike, Stapleton
Soutermoor, Stapleton
St Mary, Stapleton
Tory Bridge, Stapleton
trig point, NY5032771296
Whitberry Burn
White Close, Stapleton
White Lyne
Whitegate, Stapleton
Whitelyne Bridge, Stapleton

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