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placename:- Starling Dodd
parish Ennerdale and Kinniside parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
parish Loweswater parish, once in Cumberland
Altitude 2077 feet
coordinates:- NY14201574
10Km square:- NY11

1Km square NY1415


Starling Dodd -- Ennerdale and Kinniside and Loweswater -- Cumbria / -- 30.6.2008

old print:- Otley 1823 (8th edn 1849)

Guidebook, Concise Description of the English Lakes, later A Description of the English Lakes, by Jonathan Otley, published by the author, Keswick, Cumberland, by J Richardson, London, and by Arthur Foster, Kirky Lonsdale, Cumbria, 1823 onwards.
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Engraving, outline view of mountains, Ennerdale from a Field near Kirkland and Salter, drawn by T Binns, engraved by O Jewitt, opposite p.20 of A Descriptive Guide of the English Lakes, by Jonathan Otley, 8th edition, 1849.

placename:- Starling Dod
date:- 1849
period:- 19th century, early; 1840s

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