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placename:- Staveley-in-Cartmel parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Lancashire
coordinates:- SD3885
10Km square:- SD38, SD48
parish code:- STCR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD3885

Astley's Plantation, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Ayside Pool
Ayside, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Barber Green, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Barrow Fold, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Black Beck (6)
boat house, Fell Foot
boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel
boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2)
boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel (3)
boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel (4)
Canny Hill, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Cark Bridge, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Cark Hall Allotment, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Chapel House, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Dog Kennel Wood, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Fair Rigg Cottage, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Fair Rigg Farm, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Fair Rigg, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Fell Foot Wood, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Fell Foot, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Fiddler Hall, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Great Wood, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Grove Farm, Staveley-in-Cartmel
guide stone, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Gummer's How, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Hare Bridge, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Hazelrigg, Staveley-in-Cartmel
High Cark Hall, Staveley-in-Cartmel
High Cark, Staveley-in-Cartmel
High Clark Hall, Staveley-in-Cartmel
house, Newby Bridge
house, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Line Riggs, Staveley-in-Cartmel
milestone, Staveley-in-Cartmel
milestone, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2)
milestone, Staveley-in-Cartmel (3)
milestone, Staveley-in-Cartmel (4)
milestone, Staveley-in-Cartmel (5)
mill, Newby Bridge
Miller Beck Bridge, Newby Bridge
Millerbeck Light Railway, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Newby Bridge bridge, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Newby Bridge, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Oak Head, Staveley-in-Cartmel
pillbox, Staveley-in-Cartmel
pinfold, Staveley-in-Cartmel
post box, Staveley-in-Cartmel
post box, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2)
quarry, Ayside
road, Far Sawrey to Newby Bridge
road, Hawkshead to Newby Bridge
road, Kendal to Newby Bridge
road, Levens Bridge to Newby Bridge
road, Newby Bridge to Ulverston
road, Windermere to Newby Bridge
Rose Cottage, Staveley-in-Cartmel
school, Staveley-in-Cartmel
school, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2)
SD38: earthquake 19930705 1632
Seatle East Farm, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Seatle Farm Cottage, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Seatle Farm, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Seatle Hall, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Seatle Plantation, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Seatle, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Simpson Ground Reservoir, Staveley-in-Cartmel
St Mary, Staveley-in-Cartmel
sundial, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge
Tinker's Ford, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Town Head, Staveley-in-Cartmel
trig point, SD3904388486
trig point, SD3952184315
Water Yeat Bridge, Staveley-in-Cartmel
weir, Newby Bridge
Whitestone Enclosure, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Yewtree Farm, Staveley-in-Cartmel

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