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placename:- Styhead Gill
locality:- Stye, The
parish Borrowdale parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- NY2210
10Km square:- NY21

1Km square NY2210


Styhead Gill -- Stye, The -- Borrowdale -- Cumbria / -- 4.4.2007

Styhead Gill -- Stye, The -- Borrowdale -- Cumbria / -- NY223102 (about) -- 12.5.2009

descriptive text:- Otley 1823 (5th edn 1834)

Guidebook, Concise Description of the English Lakes, later A Description of the English Lakes, by Jonathan Otley, published by the author, Keswick, Cumberland, by J Richardson, London, and by Arthur Foster, Kirky Lonsdale, Cumbria, 1823 onwards.
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Page 37:-
... Sty-head Tarn ... The stream running from thence towards Seathwaite, has some fine frothy breaks, and one grand waterfall, before it reaches the bottom of [the vale.]
date:- 1823
period:- 19th century, early; 1820s

old print:- Rose 1832-35 -- perhaps relevant

Engravings - Westmorland, Cumberland, Durham and Northumberland Illustrated; from drawings by Thomas Allom, George Pickering, and H Gastineau, described by Thomas Rose, published by H Fisher, R Fisher, and P Jackson, Newgate Street, London, 1832-35.
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Waterfall, near Sty Head, Cumberland
Drawn by Thomas Allom, engraved by S Lacey, 1833.
date:- 1833
period:- 19th century, early; 1830s

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button to large Styhead Gill -- Stye, The -- Borrowdale -- Cumbria / -- NY223102 (about) -- 12.5.2009

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button   footbridge, Borrowdale (2)
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