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placename:- Threlkeld parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY3226
10Km square:- NY22, NY32
parish code:- THRL
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY3226

source:- Census 1971

population:- 516 -- 1971

Atkinson Pike, Threlkeld
Birkett Field, Threlkeld
Birkettfield, Threlkeld
Blea Crags, Threlkeld
Blease Fell, Threlkeld
Blease Gill Trial, Threlkeld
Blease, Threlkeld
Blencathra Field Studies Centre, Threlkeld
bridge, Brundholme
bridge, Threlkeld
Cloven Stone, Mungrisdale
Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway
Derwent Folds, Threlkeld
Derwentfolds, Threlkeld
Dobson's Bridge, Threlkeld
Doddick Farm, Threlkeld
Doddick Fell, Threlkeld
Doddick Gill
Doddick, Threlkeld
drain, Threlkeld
drain, Threlkeld (2)
fence, Threlkeld
find spot, Sinen Gill
find spot, Sinen Gill (2)
footbridge, Threlkeld
footbridge, Threlkeld (2)
ford, Threlkeld
Gate Gill
gate, Threlkeld
Gategill Fell Top, Threlkeld
Gategill Fell, Threlkeld
Gategill, Threlkeld
geological walk, Blease Fell
Glenderamackin, River
Glenderaterra Beck
Glenderaterra Mine, Threlkeld
Goat Crags, Threlkeld
Guardhouse, Threlkeld
Hailhead Well, Threlkeld
Hallsfell Top, Threlkeld
Hall's Fell Ridge, Threlkeld
Hall's Fell, Threlkeld
Hausewell Brow, Threlkeld
High Hollows, Threlkeld
High Row, Threlkeld
Horse and Farrier, Threlkeld
house, Threlkeld
house, Threlkeld (2)
house, Threlkeld (3)
Ings, Threlkeld
kennels, Threlkeld
Knott Halloo, Threlkeld
Knowe Crags, Threlkeld
Lamb Bridge, Matterdale
Little Fell, Threlkeld
Low House, Threlkeld
Mariel Bridge, Matterdale
Middle Row, Threlkeld
Middle Tongue, Threlkeld
milestone, Threlkeld
milestone, Threlkeld (2)
milestone, Threlkeld (3)
milestone, Threlkeld (4)
Mission Room, Threlkeld
Mosedale Beck
Mosedale Viaduct, Matterdale
Mosedale, Matterdale
Newsham, Threlkeld
NY22: earthquake 20060904 1547
NY32: earthquake 19760721 0632
Old Coach Road, Threlkeld
Old Manse, Threlkeld
pass, Threlkeld
pillbox, Threlkeld
Priest's Acre, Threlkeld
quarry, Threlkeld
railway bridge, St John's Castlerigg etc (2)
railway bridge, Threlkeld (3)
railway tunnel, Threlkeld
Riddings, Threlkeld
Rigghead, Threlkeld
road, Penrith to Keswick
Roughten Gill
Saddleback Old Mine, Threlkeld
Saddleback: ascent 1855
Saddleback, Threlkeld
Salutation Inn, Threlkeld
Scales Beck
Scales Farm, Threlkeld
Scales Fell, Threlkeld
Scales Tarn, Threlkeld
Scales, Threlkeld
Scaley Beck
Scogarth, Threlkeld
scree, Threlkeld
Sharp Edge, Mungrisdale
sheepfold, Lonscale Fell
sheepfold, Threlkeld
sheepfold, Threlkeld (2)
Sinen Gill
St Mary, Threlkeld
Stake, Underskiddaw
stone wall, Threlkeld
Stoneraise, Threlkeld
stop cock, Threkeld
stop cock, Threlkeld (2)
Stuart Terrace, Threlkeld
Tarn Crags, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Bridge, Threlkeld
Threlkeld CofE Primary School, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Common, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Hall old, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Hall, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Mine, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Mining Museum, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Pike, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Place, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Public Room, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Quarry railway, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Quarry, Threlkeld
Toll Bar Cottage, Scales
trig point, NY3234527708
war memorial, Threlkeld
waterfall, Roughten Gill
waterfall, Sinen Gill
weathervane, Threlkeld
Wescoe Farm, Threlkeld
Wescoe, Threlkeld
White Cross, Threlkeld
Wood End, Threlkeld
Woodend Mine, Threlkeld

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