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placename:- Underskiddaw parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY2627
10Km square:- NY23, NY33
10Km square:- NY22
parish code:- UNDR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY2627

source:- Census 1971

population:- 351 -- 1971

Applethwaite Farm, Applethwaite
Applethwaite Gill
Applethwaite house, Applethwaite
Applethwaite, Underskiddaw
Bakestall, Bassenthwaite
barn, Ormathwaite
Bassenthwaite Lake
beacon, Skiddaw
Black Nettle Hause, Underskiddaw
boundary stone, Bassenthwaite/Underskiddaw
bridge, Applethwaite
bridge, Brundholme
Bridges Hole, Underskiddaw
Bridges, Underskiddaw
Broad End, Underskiddaw
Brundholme Wood, Underskiddaw
Brundholme, Underskiddaw
Burnt Horse, Underskiddaw
Candleseaves Bog, Underskiddaw
Canons Cottage, Underskiddaw
Carl Side Trial, Underskiddaw
Carl Side, Underskiddaw
Carlside Tarn, Underskiddaw
Carsleddam, Underskiddaw
Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway
Crookelty Bridge, Underskiddaw
Dancing Gate, Underskiddaw
Dead Beck
Derwent Foot, Underskiddaw
Derwent, River
Dodd Wood, Underskiddaw
Dodd, Underskiddaw
Doups, Underskiddaw
drain, Applethwaite
Fellside, Millbeck
footbridge, Caldbeck
footbridge, Underskiddaw
footbridge, Underskiddaw (2)
gate, Underskiddaw
Gill, Applethwaite
Glenderaterra Beck
Great Calva, Underskiddaw
Greta Bank Farm, Underskiddaw
Greta, River
Grey Crags, Underskiddaw
Halls Beck
Hare Crag, Underskiddaw
Hawell memorial, Underskiddaw
High Stock Bridge, Underskiddaw
Howgill Tongue, Underskiddaw
hydrant plate, Applethwaite
islands, Bassenthwaite Lake
Jackson's Fold, Underskiddaw
Jenkin Hill, Underskiddaw
Kiln How, Little Crosthwaite
Lair Beck
Latrigg Woods, Underskiddaw
Latrigg, Underskiddaw
Little Calva, Underskiddaw
Little Crosthwaite Cottages, Underskiddaw
Little Crosthwaite, Underskiddaw
Little Man, Underskiddaw
Little Nettle Hause, Underskiddaw
Littledale Pike, Underskiddaw
Long Close, Underskiddaw
Long Side, Underskiddaw
Lonscale Crags, Underskiddaw
Lonscale Fell, Underskiddaw
Lonscale, Underskiddaw
Low Grove Farm, Underskiddaw
Low Stock Bridge, Underskiddaw
Lyzzick Hall, Underskiddaw
Mallen Dodd, Underskiddaw
milestone, Little Crosthwaite
milestone, Underskiddaw
milestone, Underskiddaw (2)
Mill Beck (5)
Millbeck Hall, Underskiddaw
Millbeck Place, Underskiddaw
Millbeck Towers Cottages, Underskiddaw
Millbeck Towers, Underskiddaw
Millbeck, Underskiddaw
mine, Underskiddaw
Mire House Cottage, Little Crosthwaite
NY22: earthquake 19010709 2130 etc
Old Post Office, Applethwaite
Old Windebrowe, Underskiddaw
Orchard Cottage, Underskiddaw
Ormathwaite Hall Farm, Ormathwaite
Ormathwaite Hall, Ormathwaite
Ormathwaite, Underskiddaw
pinfold, Millbeck
quarry, Lonscale Fell
railway bridge, Brundholme (2)
railway bridge, Brundholme (3)
Red House, Underskiddaw
Redness Point, Underskiddaw
road, Bassenthwaite Lake
Sale How, Underskiddaw
Salehow Beck
Scalebeck, Underskiddaw
Scaur Cottage, Applethwaite
Scaur House, Applethwaite
sheepfold, Underskiddaw
Skiddaw Forest, Underskiddaw
Skiddaw House, Underskiddaw
Skiddaw Man, Skiddaw
Skiddaw: ascent 1794
Skiddaw: ascent 1827
Skiddaw: ascent 1855
Skiddaw, Underskiddaw
Skill Beck
Stake, Underskiddaw
station, Applethwaite
station, Latrigg
station, Latrigg side
station, Long Close
station, River Greta
station, Skiddaw
summer house, Underscar
summer house, Underscar (2)
sundial, Ormathwaite
Sunnyside, Applethwaite
tenter ground, Millbeck
Towers, Millbeck
track, Penrith to Cockermouth
trig point, NY2604029086
trig point, NY2784924656
Underscar, Underskiddaw
Underskiddaw Church Room, Underskiddaw
Underskiddaw Village Hall, Millbeck
Whinny Brow, Underskiddaw
Whit Beck (2)
White Hause, Underskiddaw
White Stones, Underskiddaw
Wiley Gill
Yew Tree Cottage, Applethwaite

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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