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placename:- Warnell Hall
parish Sebergham parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- NY35044134
10Km square:- NY34

1Km square NY3541

old map:- Garnett 1850s-60s H

Map of the English Lakes, scale about 3.5 miles to 1 inch, published by John Garnett, Windermere, Westmorland, 1850s-60s.
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Warnell Ha.
block, building

placename:- Warnell Hall
date:- 1850=1869
period:- 19th century, late; 1850s; 1860s

descriptive text:- Ford 1839 (3rd edn 1843) -- probably relevant

Description of Scenery in the Lake District, by William Ford, published by Charles Thurnham, London, et al, 1839; published 1839-52.
Page 97:-
... over Warnell Fell, having on the right the Hall, once the seat of the Dentons, now belonging to Lord Lonsdale, built on a hill-side, profusely scattered over with wood, and its base laved by the Caldew. ...
person:- : Denton Family
person:- : Lonsdale, Earl of
date:- 1839
period:- 19th century, early; 1830s

road book:- Cary 1798 (2nd edn 1802)

Road book, Cary's New Itinerary, by John Cary, published by G and J Cary, 86 St James's Street, London, 1798-1828.
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page 321-322
On l. of Sebergham is Warnell Hall, - Denton, Esq.
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page 557-558
Between Upper Welton and Thorney Stone, on l. is Warnell Hall, T. Denton, Esq. ...

placename:- Warnell Hall
person:- : Denton, T
date:- 1802
period:- 19th century, early; 1800s

old map:- Saxton 1579 -- probably relevant

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Tower, symbol for a house, hall, tower, etc.

placename:- Warnell
county:- Cumberlandia
date:- 1576
period:- 16th century, late; 1570s

database:- Listed Buildings 2010

courtesy of English Heritage
WARNELL HALL / / / SEBERGHAM / ALLERDALE / CUMBRIA / II[star] / 72486 / NY3505241339

placename:- Warnell Hall
district:- Allerdale
listed building
coordinates:- NY35054133
date:- 2010
period:- 2010s

database:- Listed Buildings 2010

courtesy of English Heritage
district:- Allerdale
listed building -- gate house; barn
coordinates:- NY35064132
date:- 2010
period:- 2010s

notes supposed tower; 16th century hall, altered, etc
Perriam, D R & Robinson, J: 1998: Medieval Fortified Buildings of Cumbria: CWAAS:: ISBN 1 873124 23 6; plan

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