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placename:- Westward parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY2945
10Km square:- NY24, NY34
parish code:- WSTW
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY2945

source:- Census 1971

population:- 723 -- 1971

barn, Westward
Barnetrigg, Westward
Beckbottom, Westward
Beech House, Westward
Boston Bridge, Westward
Brackenthwaite, Westward
bridge, Thursby
bridge, Westward
Broad Moor, Westward
Broadmoor, Westward
Brocklebank Fell, Westward
Brocklebank, Westward
Carwath Bridge, Carwath
Carwath, Westward
Causa Grange, Westward
Chalk Beck
Chalkbridge, Sebergham
Chalkside Bridge, Sebergham
Church Hill, Westward
Clea Hall, Westward
Cleagreen, Westward
Cleamire, Westward
Cowslaw, Westward
Crags, Westward
Crofton Bridge, Westward
Crofton Station, Westward
Cunningarth, Westward
Curthwaite House, Westward
Curthwaite Station, Westward
East Curthwaite House, Westward
East Curthwaite, Westward
East Woodside, Westward
Ellers, Westward
fair ground, Westward
Fiddleback, Westward
fingerpost, Westward
fingerpost, Westward (2)
fingerpost, Westward (3)
Forest Hall, Westward
Forester Fold, Westward
Gaterigg, Westward
Ghyll Head, Westward
Gill, Westward
Grainger Houses, Westward
Green Quarries, Westward
Greenhill Lodge, Westward
Greenhill, Westward
Greenrigg, Westward
Hazelsprings Farm, Westward
Heads, Westward
Height, Westward
High Hall, Westward
Hill House, Westward
Hillside, Westward
Hilltop, Westward
Hollingroot, Westward
Holy Trinity, Rosley
Hope and Anchor Inn, Westward
Howrigg, Westward
Intack Head, Westward
Intack, Westward
Islekirk Hall, Westward
Jacob's Gill, Westward
Jenkin's Cross, Westward
Kirkstead, Westward
Lodge Bridge, Westward
Longwath, Westward
Low House, Westward
Low Ling, Westward
Lower Green Quarries, Westward
Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Meadow Bank Farm, Westward
milestone, Westward
milestone, Westward (2)
milestone, Westward (3)
milestone, Westward (4)
milestone, Westward (5)
milestone, Westward (7)
Mire, Westward
NY34: earthquake 19010709 1623 etc
NY34: earthquake 19791226 1453
Oaklea, West Curthwaite
Old Carlisle, Westward
Oxrigg, Westward
Park Wood, Westward
Parson Bridge, Westward
Parsonbridge, Westward
pinfold, Westward
railway bridge, Westward
Raise Lodge, Westward
Reathwaite, Westward
Red Dial Bridge, Westward
Red Dial Farm, Westward
Red Dial, Westward
reservoir inspection chamber, Westward
road, Bassenthwaite to Red Dial
road, Cockermouth to Carlisle
road, Penrith to Wigton
roman fort, Old Carlisle
roman fort, Westward
Rose Bank, Westward
Rosley Hill, Westward
Rosley House, Westward
Rosley, Westward
Rosleyrigg, Westward
Royal Oak Inn, Westward
Royal Oak, West Curthwaite
Sandwath, Westward
Sandy Brow, Westward
school, Causa Grange
Silly, Westward
Slack, Westward
Somer, Westward
Speedgill Bridge, Westward
Speet Gill
St Hilda, Westward
St Hilda's Chapel, Westward
Stoneraise Farm, Westward
Stoneraise Place, Westward
Stoneraise, Westward
Street, Westward
Stubb Bridge, Westward
Studfold, Westward
Studholmerigg Wood, Westward
Syke, Westward
Thornthwaite Beck
Toft Memorial, Westward
toll gate, Woodside
Townhead, Westward
Townthwaite Beck
Tracentree Low House, Westward
Tracentree, Westward
trig point, NY3153345976
Upper Green Quarries, Westward
Wallace Lane, Westward
Warblebank, Westward
Wath Head Airfield, Westward
Wath Head, Westward
Waver Turnpike, Westward
Waver, River
Wavergillhead, Westward
Waverhead, Westward
West Curthwaite, Westward
West Woodside, Westward
Westward Forest
Westward Parish Room, Westward
Westward Park, Westward
Wiza Beck
Wiza Farm, Westward
Wreay, Westward

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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