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placename:- Wetheral parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY4653
10Km square:- NY45
10Km square:- NY44, NY54
parish code:- WTHR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY4653

source:- Census 1971

population:- 4081 -- 1971

Acorn Bank, Wetheral
Acrehead, Wetheral
Aglionby, Wetheral
Alabaster Works, Wetheral
All Saints, Scotby
Allenwood, Wetheral
Ashridge Lane Cemetery, Wetheral
barn, Cumwhinton
Beck Bridge, Cumwhinton
Beech Cottage, Cumwhinton
Birkhill, Wetheral
Blackmoss Pool, Wetheral
Brackenbank, Wetheral
brewery, Great Corby
bridge, Great Corby
bridge, Great Corby (2)
bridge, Warwick Bridge
British Gypsum siding, Wetheral
Broadwath, Wetheral
Brockle Wath, Wetheral
Brook Villa, Great Corby
Brookside, Wetheral
Burnrigg, Wetheral
Byrehill, Wetheral
Cairn Beck
Cairn House, Wetheral
Castleshields, Wetheral
Chapel Farm, Wetheral
Chapel House, Great Corby
chapel, Cumwhinton
chapel, Warwick Bridge
Clematis Cottage, Great Corby
Clinthead, Wetheral
coal depot, Great Corby
Cocklakes, Wetheral
Collar Beck
Collarbeck Bridge, Wetheral
Corby Beck
Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby
Corby Bridge, Wetheral
Corby Castle, Great Corby
Corn Mill, Warwick Bridge
Cote House, Wetheral
Cotehill Methodist Church, Cotehill
Cotehill Station, Wetheral
Cotehill, Wetheral
Cringles, Cumwhinton
Crown Hotel, Wetheral
Crumble Cottage, Cumwhinton
Cumwhinton Station, Cumwhinton
Cumwhinton, Wetheral
Dry Beck Viaduct, Hesket
Duncowfold, Wetheral
earthwork, Warwick
Eden Brow Park Cottage, Wetheral
Eden Brow, Wetheral
Eden Mount, Wetheral
Edenbank, Wetheral
Edenside Cottage, Wetheral
Edenwood, Wetheral
Ferry Cottage, Great Corby
ferry, Wetheral
fingerpost, Cumwhinton
fingerpost, Cumwhinton (2)
fingerpost, Cumwhinton (3)
fingerpost, Great Corby
fingerpost, Great Corby (2)
fingerpost, Wetheral
fingerpost, Wetheral (2)
fish trap, Great Corby
Flight of Fancy, Wetheral
folly, Whoof House
ford, Wetheral
Forge, Great Corby
Froddle Crook, Wetheral
Garry's Farm, Wetheral
Geltsdale, Wetheral
Gillhead, Wetheral
Gladsmuir, Wetheral
Glencairn Mill, Wetheral
Glenwillie Bridge, Great Corby
Glenwilly Cottages, Great Corby
Grange, Wetheral
Great Corby School, Great Corby
Great Corby, Wetheral
Green Farm, Wetheral
Greystones, Wetheral
Grove Cottage, Great Corby
Grove, Great Corby
Hawthorn Cottage, Great Corby
Heads Nook Station, Wetheral
Heads Nook, Wetheral
High Croft, Wetheral
High Stand Gill Viaduct, Wetheral
High Stand Plantation, Wetheral
High Stand Quarry, Wetheral
High Stand, Wetheral
High Wood, Wetheral
Highwood Ponds, Wetheral
Hollyside, Cumwhinton
Holme Eden Abbey, Wetheral
Holme House, Cumwhinton
Holmegate, Wetheral
Holy Trinity and St Constantine, Wetheral
house, Wetheral
house, Wetheral (2)
house, Wetheral (3)
Howard Cottage, Warwick Bridge
hydrant plate, Wetheral
hydrant plate, Wetheral (2)
hydrant plate, Wetheral (3)
inscribed rock, Wetheral
Ivy House, Wetheral
Knott Hill, Wetheral
level crossing, Broadwath
level crossing, Great Corby
Lodge, Wetheral
Longstrumble, Wetheral
Low Cotehill, Wetheral
Low House, Wetheral
Lowhouse Farm, Wetheral
Lowther Arms Country Inn, Cumwhinton
Lowwood, Wetheral
Lyndhurst, Cumwhinton
Manor Cottage, Wetheral
Manor Stables, Great Corby
meeting house, Scotby
milestone, Warwick
milestone, Wetheral
milestone, Wetheral (2)
Milford, Great Corby
Mill, Wetheral
Moor Yeat, Wetheral
Moorhouse Hall, Wetheral
Myrtle Cottage, Great Corby
Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Oak House, Great Corby
Oakbank, Wetheral
Old Chapel, Wetheral
Old Village Shop, Cumwhinton
Orchard House, Great Corby
Orchard House, Scotby
Orchard House, Wetheral (2)
Orchard Lodge, Great Corby
Our Lady and St Wilfrid, Warwick Bridge
pillbox, Wetheral
Plains, Wetheral
police station, Wetheral
police station, Wetheral (2)
post box, Cumwhinton
Pow Maughan
Powmaughan Bridge, Wetheral
Priests House, Wetheral
Queen Inn, Great Corby
Queens Inn, Wetheral
railway bridge, Cumwhinton
railway bridge, Headsnook
railway bridge, Scotby
railway bridge, Scotby (2)
railway bridge, Scotby (3)
railway bridge, Wetheral (2)
railway bridge, Wetheral (3)
Railway Cottages, Cumwhinton
railway crossing, Great Corby
railway milepost, Wetheral
Red Beeches, Wetheral
River House, Wetheral
road, Brampton to Carlisle
road, Carlisle to Kirkoswald
Rose Hill, Wetheral
Royal Oak, Scotby
school, Cotehill
school, Cumwhinton
school, Scotby
school, Warwick
school, Warwick Bridge
school, Wetheral
Scotby Embankment, Scotby
Scotby Girls Home, Wetheral
Scotby Holmes, Wetheral
Scotby Shield, Wetheral
Scotby Station, Scotby
Scotby Station, Scotby (2)
Scotby, Wetheral
Scotbygill, Wetheral
Settle and Carlisle Railway
Shieldhead, Wetheral
Shrubbery, Great Corby
Snowdrop Cottage, Wetheral
St Brelades, Wetheral
St Constantine's Cells, Wetheral
St Cuthbert's Well, Wetheral
St John, Cotehill with Cumwhinton
St Leonard, Warwick
St Martins, Wetheral
St Mary and St Wilfred, Wetheral
Stand End, Wetheral
Station Signal Box, Cotehill
Station Signal Box, Cumwhinton
Stationmasters House, Cumwhinton
Stone House, Wetheral
Stonywath, Wetheral
Strickland, Wetheral
Stripes, Wetheral
summer house, Wetheral
summer house, Wetheral (2)
summer house, Wetheral (3)
sundial, Wetheral
Sunny Nook, Great Corby
Tithe Barn Farm, Wetheral
trig point, NY4372856378
trig point, NY4491252217
trig point, NY4605955529
trig point, NY4731456331
trig point, NY4782456688
Turnshaw, Wetheral
Tyne Solway Canal
village hall, Cumwhinton
village pump, Great Corby
Wallace Field, Wetheral
war memorial, Cumwhinton
Warathwaite Head, Wetheral
Warwick Bridge bridge, Wetheral
Warwick Bridge, Wetheral
Warwick Green, Wetheral
Warwick Hall, Wetheral
Warwick Holme, Wetheral
Warwick House, Wetheral
Warwick Moor Wood, Wetheral
Warwick, Wetheral
water trough, Wetheral
Waterloo, Wetheral
Wellholme, Wetheral
Wetheral Cross, Wetheral
Wetheral Methodist Church, Wetheral
Wetheral Pasture, Wetheral
Wetheral Plain, Wetheral
Wetheral Priory, Wetheral
Wetheral Station, Wetheral
Wetheral Tower, Wetheral
Wetheral Village Hall, Wetheral
Wetheral Village Shop, Wetheral
Wetheral Woods, Wetheral
Wetheral: Green, 13
Wetheral: High Buildings
Wetheralcrook Tannery, Wetheral
Wheatsheaf, Wetheral
Wheelbarrow Hall, Wetheral
Whitegate, Wetheral
Whoof House, Wetheral
Wragmire House, Wetheral
Wragmirebank, Wetheral
Wrayside, Wetheral
Yew Tree House, Great Corby

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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