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placename:- Woodside parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY2550
10Km square:- NY25
10Km square:- NY24
parish code:- WDSD
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY2550

source:- Census 1971

population:- 533 -- 1971

Aikhead Hall, Woodside
Aikhead Low House, Woodside
Aikhead, Woodside
Bird in Hand, Woodside
Black House, Woodside
Brackenlands, Woodside
Bridge House, Woodside
Bushgillhead, Woodside
Chapel House, Woodside
chapel, Woodside
Corbet Houses, Woodside
Dockray Hall, Woodside
Dockray, Woodside
Dockraybank, Woodside
Dockrayrigg House, Woodside
Eskrigg, Woodside
fingerpost, Woodside
fingerpost, Woodside (2)
folly, Woodside
Gerrard House, Woodside
Glebe Lands, Woodside
Grainger Houses, Woodside
Grassings, Woodside
Greenwood House, Woodside
Hall, Oulton
Hazel Head, Woodside
High Longthwaite, Woodside
Highmoor, Woodside
Jackson Bridge, Woodside
Kirkland Hall, Kirkland
Kirkland Villa, Woodside
Kirkland, Woodside
Lawrenceholme, Woodside
Low Dockrayrigg, Woodside
Low Eskrigg, Woodside
Lowfield House, Woodside
Mains Farm, Woodside
Martin Tarn Castle, Woodside
Martin Tarn, Woodside
Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Micklethwaite Bridge, Woodside
Micklethwaite Station, Woodside
Middlemoor House, Woodside
milestone, Woodside
milestone, Woodside (2)
Moorhouse Hall, Woodside
Moorhouse Mill Bridge, Woodside
Moorhouse, Woodside
Moorthwaite Cottage, Woodside
Moorthwaite, Woodside
Nova Scotia, Woodside
Oulton House, Woodside
Oulton, Woodside
Peak House, Woodside
pinfold, Woodside
road, Aspatria to Wigton
road, Penrith to Wigton
road, Wigton to Silloth
road, Wigton to Thursby
school, Oulton
Tarnriggmoor, Woodside
Tarnside, Woodside
Tiffinthwaite, Woodside
trig point, NY2464952011
trig point, NY2655750827
Tyne Solway Canal
Wampool, River
Wedholme Flow peat railway
Wedholme Flow, Woodside
Wedholme Hill, Woodside
West End, Woodside

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