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place:- Jonathan Otley's up t'steps
locality:- Keswick
parish Keswick parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
building/s; shop; clockmaker's
coordinates:- NY26662344
10Km square:- NY22

1Km square NY2623

Jonathan Otley had his clockmaker's shop here from 1791.
Smith, Alan (ed): 2001: Rock Men, The: Cumberland Geological Society (Keswick, Cumbria):: ISBN 0 9541102 0 X

Keswick: Jonathan Otley's -- Keswick -- Keswick -- Cumbria / -- 12.12.2007

Keswick: Jonathan Otley's -- Keswick -- Keswick -- Cumbria / -- Inscribed stone nearby:- -- 'HERE LIVED JONATHAN OTLEY 1766-1856 GEOLOGIST & CLOCKMAKER. / A HUMBLE STUDENT OF NATURE AND SCIENCE WHO LABOURED FOR HIS FELLOWS.' -- 24.7.2006

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