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place:- fulling mill, Sadgill
locality:- Sadgill
parish Longsleddale parish, once in Westmorland
county:- Cumbria
fulling mill; mill; water mill
coordinates:- NY483055
10Km square:- NY40

1Km square NY4805

... Longsleddale was one of the chapelries of Kendal Parish: there were twenty-four altogether. It is fairly certain there would have been a small chapel in the valley in medieval times, for a community was active in the wool industry by the end of the thirteenth century. In 1297 there was a fulling-mill at Sadgill .... Although the dead would have been taken to the parish church in Kendal for burial, it is reasonable to suppose they would not have had to travel so far to Mass. It is known that a chapel was rebuilt and a graveyard consecrated in 1712, ... the present building dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was completed in 1863, and is one of the churches of the United Benefice of Skelsmergh, Selside and Longsleddale.
Ffinch 1983

hearsay Referred to as 'Low Sadgill Mill'.
: 2009: Archaeology Data Service & ADS

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