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placename:- Little Wadshowe
parish Longsleddale parish, once in Westmorland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- NY49690330
10Km square:- NY40

1Km square NY4903


Little Wadshowe -- Longsleddale -- Cumbria / -- 27.8.2009

Little Wadshowe -- Longsleddale -- Cumbria / -- 27.8.2009

tiny photograph, 
button to large Little Wadshowe -- Longsleddale -- Cumbria / -- Name:- -- 'LITTLE / WADSHOWE' -- 27.8.2009

hearsay A wooden hut was built here for the surveyor in charge of work on the Haweswater Aqueduct, which runs discreetly through the valley. The hut had office and living accommodation.
The present hut is considerably different from the original. A new exterior clads or replaces the old; the internal arrangements are different. It thus seems to bear little resemblance to the surveyor's residence.

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