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placename:- Leyland Clock
site name:- road, Kendal to Shap
parish Fawcett Forest parish, once in Westmorland
county:- Cumbria
clock tower; clock
coordinates:- NY55180346
10Km square:- NY50

1Km square NY5503


Leyland Clock -- road, Kendal to Shap -- Fawcett Forest -- Cumbria / -- 'LEYLAND MOTORS FOR ALL TIME' -- 24.10.2007

Leyland Clock -- road, Kendal to Shap -- Fawcett Forest -- Cumbria / -- 11.4.2013

hearsay The Leyland Clock was put up about 1931 as an advertisement for Leyland Motors. It was one of five in England: top of Shap; halfway between Catterick and Boroughbridge; The Bath Road, 3 mile E of Calne; the London Basingstoke road, 39 miles from London, 7 from Basingstoke; the Great North Road, 70 miles from London.
A farmer down the road to the south was paid to wind it, and it was serviced by William Potts of Leeds. On one early visit Mr Potts borrowed a ladder from Hollowgate Farm, a closer farm down the road, and brought it back broken. Thomas Huck, the farmer, suggested that next time Mr Potts could get a ladder from the farmer they paid. But the paid winder, £2 per annum, was soon Thomas Huck at Hollowgate. The job of winding the clock once a week was later done by Lenore, his daughter, who still lives at Hollowgate, now Mrs Thomas Knowles. The clock kept good time, except when snow was blown into the works.
After the motorway was built the clock was no longer an effective advertisment, and eventually was taken down and stored at Gilkes's engineering works, Kendal. It was refurbished and re-erected at the Brewery Arts Centre, unveiled by Lenore, who was fetched to Kendal in a Rolls Royce. The arts centre have not been good at keeping it going. Now (2007) The Steam Fair at Flookburgh has given £2500 to repair the clock, presented to Lenore and the Brewery Art Centre. So it might be going again soon.
Knowles, Lenore: 26.9.2007: (conversation)

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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