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place:- sundial, Hawkshead (2)
site name:- Hawkshead Grammar School
locality:- Hawkshead
parish Hawkshead parish, once in Lancashire
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- SD35249804
10Km square:- SD39

1Km square SD3598


sundial, Hawkshead (2) -- Hawkshead Grammar School -- Hawkshead -- Hawkshead -- Cumbria / -- Vertical declining dial:- -- Lat 54[d] 22[m] 10[s] Decl 30[d] 20[m] / PI Long 35[d] 43[m] 10[s] / ... 1845 ... / LOND 11 53 / ... -- The position of Hawkshead is 54d 22m 6s N, 2d 59m 6s W (the grammar school is not at the village centre); the prime meridian used by the dial maker is not Greenwich, which only became an international standard in 1884. -- 16.9.2005

notes Cumbrian Sundials database, R Sylvester, 29.5.2008:-
Hawkshead / Above door of Grammar School (now museum) / Redone by BSS members, 1997
made 1845
British Sundial Society reference number 1134

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