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placename:- Brothers' Parting Stone
other name:- Stone of Parting
locality:- Grisedale
parish Patterdale parish, once in Westmorland
county:- Cumbria
stone; memorial
coordinates:- NY35231234
10Km square:- NY31

1Km square NY3512


Brothers' Parting Stone -- Grisedale -- Patterdale -- Cumbria / -- 17.3.2009

Brothers' Parting Stone -- Grisedale -- Patterdale -- Cumbria / -- 17.3.2009

hearsay The stone is where William and Dorothy Wordsworth parted from their brother John Wordsworth, 29 September 1800. Dorothy Wordsworth records this:-
It was a fine day, showery, but with sunshine and fine clouds. Poor fellow my heart was right sad. I could not help thinking, we should see him again, because he was only going to Penrith.
From Penrith, John Wordsworth went to command the Earl of Abergavenny. They met again in London, 1802. John was drowned when his ship was wrecked oof the coast of Dorset, 1805. In June 1805, William and Dorothy Wordsworth visited this place again, and the poet wrote Elegaic Verses in Memory of My Brother. Canon H D Rawnsley arranged for some lines from these verses to be inscribed on the rock, 1882:-

hearsay There was a stone here, inscribed in memory of the parting of William Wordsworth and his brother John, 1800. John was drowned when his ship, The Earl of Abergavenny, was wrecked off Portland Bill, Dorset, 5 February 1805.

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