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place:- ring of bells, Penrith
site name:- St Andrew's Church
locality:- Penrith
parish Penrith town, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
ring of bells
coordinates:- NY51623015
10Km square:- NY53

1Km square NY5130

source:- Dove 2009

diocese:- Carlisle Diocese
locality:- Penrith
coordinates:- NY516302

photocopy Church Bells in Leath Ward:-
vol.13 p.310

image t1013310.jpg
vol.13 p.311

image t1013311.jpg
vol.13 p.312

image t1013312.jpg
vol.13 p.313

image t1013313.jpg
vol.13 p.314

image t1013314.jpg
vol.13 p.315

image t1013315.jpg
vol.13 p.316

image t1013316.jpg
vol.13 p.317

image t1013317.jpg
vol.13 p.318

image t1013318.jpg
vol.13 p.319

image t1013319.jpg
vol.13 p.320

image t1013320.jpg
vol.13 p.321

image t1013321.jpg
vol.13 p.322

image t1013322.jpg
vol.13 p.323

image t1013323.jpg
vol.13 p.324

image t1013324.jpg
vol.13 p.325

image t1013325.jpg
vol.13 p.326

image t1013326.jpg
vol.13 p.327

image t1013327.jpg
vol.13 p.328

image t1013328.jpg
vol.13 p.329

image t1013329.jpg
vol.13 p.330

image t1013330.jpg
vol.13 p.331

image t1013331.jpg
vol.13 p.332

image t1013332.jpg
vol.13 p.333

image t1013333.jpg
vol.13 p.334

image t1013334.jpg
vol.13 p.335

image t1013335.jpg
vol.13 p.336

image t1013336.jpg
vol.13 p.337

image t1013337.jpg
vol.13 p.338

image t1013338.jpg
vol.13 p.339

image t1013339.jpg
vol.13 p.340

image t1013340.jpg
vol.13 p.341

image t1013341.jpg
vol.13 p.342

image t1013342.jpg
Whitehead, H: 1894: Church Bells in Leath Ward, part IV: TransCWAAS: vol.13: pp.310-342

Dove data number of bells: 8
weight of tenor: 18 cwt 3 qtr 6 lb (2106lbs)
pitch of tenor: E
E, F sharp, G sharp, A, B, C sharp, D sharp, E
Complete octave; intervals TTSTTTS; E major.
Bells 1, 5 and 8 cast by John Taylor and Co, 1889; 2-4, 6 and 7 by Lester and Pack, 1763.
Dove 2009
Data courtesy of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

notes There have been bells here since 1655; in 1661 there were probably 3; by 1704 there 5 bells, with one faulted and never rung. A new ring of 6 was cast by Lester and Pack, Whitechapel, London, 1763. The ring was hung by William Porthouse of Great Dockray. Two bells were added 1887.
The bells are named:-
Squilla / Nola / Nota [fire] / Signum [services] / Nundale [market] / Noctula [curfew] / Mortua [death] / Andreas
A carillon was installed by John Taylor and Co, Loughborough, 1915.
:: Short Guide to St Andrew's Church. Penrith::: leaflet available in church


-- Notes about the bells. -- 22.11.2011
The bells were maintained by William Porthouse, who had a reputation for his breeding of dogs for bullbaiting. He also looked after the town fire engine; the bellringers were the firemen.
The bells were allocated to particular roles:-
1 fire bell
2 county fire bell
3 service prayer bell
4 market bell
5 curfew or taggy bell
6 death bell

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