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place:- ring of bells, Wigton
site name:- St Mary's Church
locality:- Wigton
parish Wigton parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
ring of bells
coordinates:- NY255482
10Km square:- NY24

1Km square NY2548

source:- Dove 2009

diocese:- Carlisle Diocese
locality:- Wigton
coordinates:- NY256483

photocopy Whitehead 1886:-
vol.9 p.265

image t1009265.jpg
vol.9 p.266

image t1009266.jpg
vol.9 p.267

image t1009267.jpg
vol.9 p.268

image t1009268.jpg
Whitehead, H: 1886: Church Bells in Cumberland Ward, part II: TransCWAAS: vol.9: pp.240-268

Dove data number of bells: 8
weight of tenor: 8 cwt 0 qtr 0 lb (896lbs)
pitch of tenor: A (880.5Hz)
A, B, C sharp, D, E, F sharp, G sharp, A
Complete octave; intervals TTSTTTS; A major.
Bells cast by John Taylor Bellfounders, 1998.
Dove 2009
Data courtesy of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

notes The bells were installed as part of the Ringing in the Millennium project. The first ring was for morning service, Easter Sunday, 1999. A peal of 5008 changes of Yorkshire Surprise Major was rung by the Carlisle Diocesan Guild of Bell Ringers, 1 May 1999.
Treble, named Ninian; inscribed:-
[Esther, Timothy. Elisabeth and Hannah Ravalde / Laus Deo]
Bell 2 named Kentigern; inscribed:-
[In thanksgiving for Sarah Jean and Hannah Abigail / Given by Jean and George Simpson]
Bell 3 named Herbert; inscribed:-
[Presented by the Rotary Club of Wigton / Rotary Fellowship and peace the world over]
Bell 4 named Cuthbert; inscribed:-
[I speak for UCB / In Appreciation of the hard work and commitment of Wigton people]
Bell 5 named Adian; inscribed:-
[Given by Wigton Town Council on behalf of the inhabitants of Wigton 'The Throstle Nest of All England']
Bell 6 named Bega; inscribed:-
[Given in memory of the Bragg Family who have worshipped in the church over many years]
Bell 7 named Emmanuel; inscribed:-
[Martin Edward, Mary and Andrew Stephen Tinnoth Snape named me Emmanuel / Laudamus te, Benedicitus te, Adoramus te, Glorificamus te]
Tenor named Mary; inscribed:-
[I Speak for St Mary's / Canon Geoffrey Paul Ravalde - Vicar / Christopher Brown / Anthony John Evans / Christopher Howard Walford - Churchwardens]
Reay John: 2004 (2nd edn): Short History of the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Wigton::: leaflet available in church

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