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There was proposed.
placename:- Carlisle, Brampton and Milton Railway
parish Carlisle city, once in Cumberland
parish Stanwix Rural parish, once in Cumberland
parish Irthington parish, once in Cumberland
parish Brampton parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
railway; narrow gauge railway
10Km square:- NY45
10Km square:- NY46
10Km square:- NY56

hearsay Proposed about 1871. Planned to be narrow gauge on the Fairlie principle, having engineers Robert Fairlie and Henry Hoggarth. The Bill had some progress in Parliament but failed for lack of cash, 1872.

references Webb, Brian & Gordon, David A: 1978: Lord Carlisle's Railway: Railway Travel and Correspondence Society (London):: ISBN 0 901115 43 6

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