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placename:- Dial House
locality:- Great Asby
parish Asby parish, once in Westmorland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- NY68021326
10Km square:- NY61

1Km square NY6813


Dial House -- Great Asby -- Asby -- Cumbria / -- 3.8.2009

Dial House -- Great Asby -- Asby -- Cumbria / -- Date stone:- -- 'E / 17 I A 29' -- 3.8.2009

hearsay There was a sundial placed in the front garden of Dial House in the 1770's. It was still there according to survey records in 1935. Now only the foundation stone remains. The present owner (2012) thinks the sundial went off with the previous owners in 1980.
One hopes the new location of the sundial is at the same latitude, otherwise it won't work properly unless set up in the right way.

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