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place:- holy well, Grange Hall
site name:- Grange Hall
parish Asby parish, once in Westmorland
county:- Cumbria
well; spring; holy well
coordinates:- NY68551089
10Km square:- NY61

1Km square NY6810

database:- Listed Buildings 2010

Listed Buildings 2010

courtesy of English Heritage
WELL TO EAST OF GRANGE HALL / / / ASBY / EDEN / CUMBRIA / II[star] / 73258 / NY6855310893
courtesy of English Heritage
Small well-house over spring; certainly medieval and possibly part of original C14 grange foundation. Coursed, squared stone blocks (dry-jointed). Roof is constructed of large, bevelled stones in 2 courses with single stones closing each course at the gables; a monolithic stone with cruciform moulding closes the ridge. Orientated east-west with entrance to west and small opening for light in east wall. Spring rises through square opening in floor. Square enclosure wall of dry-stone has narrow gap facing well entrance. At present (1983) somewhat overgrown.
district:- Eden
listed building
coordinates:- NY68551089
date:- 2010
period:- 2010s

hearsay Once used by monks of St Mary's Abbey, York. There is a stone well house, with a cross carved on the roof ridge, set in a stone walled enclosure.

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