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place:- post box, Colthouse
site name:- Beckside
locality:- Colthouse
parish Hawkshead parish, once in Lancashire
county:- Cumbria
post box
coordinates:- SD35869833
10Km square:- SD39
Post Office:- AMB150

1Km square SD3598


post box, Colthouse -- Beckside -- Colthouse -- Hawkshead -- Cumbria / -- 20.9.2013

Set into the side of a house named Beckside. Directly opposite is an overgrown brambly area with a stream running through it. According to local tradition, this may be the site of the house where Wordsworth lodged with Anne Tyson whilst he attended school at Hawkshead - although there are other contenders.
courtesy of Dori and Geoff
tiny photograph, 
button to large post box, Colthouse -- Beckside -- Colthouse -- Hawkshead -- Cumbria / -- 11.1999

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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