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placename:- Longlands Lake
site name:- Longlands Lake Country Park
locality:- Cleator Moor
parish Cleator Moor parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- NY013126
10Km square:- NY01

1Km square NY0112


Longlands Lake -- Longlands Lake Country Park -- Cleator Moor -- Cleator Moor -- Cumbria / -- 13.7.2010

hearsay Longlands Lake is in a country park on the site of an iron ore mine, Longlands Mine, four pits sunk between 1879 and 1904. The River Ehen and other streams were diverted away from the mining activity. After the mine was abandoned the galleries flooded, and then the ground sank, and was flooded, making the lake.

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