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place:- NY11: earthquake 20101221 2259
locality:- Wetherlam
parish Coniston parish, once in Lancashire
county:- Cumbria
earthquake epicentre
coordinates:- NY19631067
10Km square:- NY11
References British Geological Survey 2010

1Km square NY1910

observation This one we experienced, from a way off in Longsleddale. I was working in my study, ground floor, stone floor, heard a noise which I first took to be an overlarge tractor coming up to the house, then perhaps it was the central heating boiler gone wrong, then perhaps a baby earthquake; I had never heard one before. We checked round the house; was it snow falling off the roof, or other problems, or had there been a rock fall? The radio was quick in telling us it was an earthquake, though, as there was little to say, all we got was repetitive twitter. The US Geological Survey was commendably quick in having data online, within minutes of the occurence, followed rapidly by the British Geological Survey. Both their facts were updated within a small time.
Our nextdoor neighbour had gone to bed, was awoken, heard the noise, and noticed a wardrobe vibrating.
Neighbours at the next farm south had different experiences. One was downstairs, stone floors, heard the noise but felt little. The other was upstairs, wood floors, heard the noise, noticed the floor and a radiator vibrate.
MN: 22.12.2010

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