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place:- NY34: earthquake 19010709 1623 etc
parish Westward parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
earthquake epicentre
coordinates:- NY33144551
10Km square:- NY34
Series of shocks 9th July 1901.
References British Geological Survey 2010

1Km square NY3345

newspaper:- see:- : 1901 (11 July):: Cumberland Pacquet

On Tuesday two very pronounced shocks of earthquake were experienced there between a quarter-past four and twenty-two minutes to five in the afternoon. No damage was done, except the shaking of glass and crockery in cupboards. The weather was hot and sultry.
In the Lake District on Tuesday afternoon two distinct but slight shocks of earthquake were experienced. At Ambleside the rumble was like distant thunder, and vibrations of earth and disturbances of crockery were noticed by many inhabitants, otherwise there was no damage done.
date:- 1901
period:- 1900s

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